Message from Karnivore in welp. u already Kno... #🔥prepping-survival🌿

2020-03-21 04:54:54 UTC  

What will happen?

2020-03-21 04:55:18 UTC  


2020-03-21 04:56:57 UTC  

@Fetty🦈 at 4:32: The pores are exposed, and the lime will go into the egg. They will be ruined.

2020-03-21 04:57:47 UTC  

You need to tell the farmer you want the eggs straight from the chicken (fresh), ***UNWASHED***, in order to do this.

2020-03-21 04:59:19 UTC  

She also misspoke once at 5:53, when she said _"not worth it to do it with unwashed eggs"_. She meant that its' not worth it to do it with_washed_ eggs.

2020-03-21 04:59:28 UTC  

or just steal the chicken

2020-03-21 04:59:44 UTC  

then you'd have to steal the coup, too

2020-03-21 04:59:47 UTC  

and the feed

2020-03-21 04:59:49 UTC  


2020-03-21 05:00:01 UTC  

and the knowledge of how to keep her alive

2020-03-21 05:00:16 UTC  

i mean sure free eggs, but free KFC as well

2020-03-21 05:01:08 UTC  

I haven't eaten at KFC in around 10 years.

2020-03-21 05:01:23 UTC  

Church's or Popeye's is FAR better.

2020-03-21 05:01:41 UTC  

Anyway, I'm heading back to <#627030086964740096>

2020-03-26 04:23:21 UTC  

I have a conflict with the two ideas: 1! John B Calhoun's Rat Mice Utopia experiment. 2! the 2.2 birth rule continuity of empires. 3! overpopulation/underpopulation .

2020-04-16 02:34:27 UTC  

YouTube is making me sign in to confirm my age

2020-04-16 02:34:33 UTC  

This must be the X-rated show

2020-04-16 02:34:35 UTC  


2020-04-16 03:22:00 UTC  

It's about guns

2020-04-16 03:39:46 UTC  

Is contact tracing part of a "medical" census?

2020-04-21 17:22:08 UTC  

Since we seem to be in this mode these are the shortwave radio frequencies Alex Jones's is broadcast on.
GCN, Genesis Communications Network has a direct feeds from Infowars That are broadcast on shortwave radio
You can do a Google search for "live shortwave radio" to find websites that offer live shortwave radio. Enter the frequencies at the proper time and you're good to go.

2020-04-21 17:22:24 UTC

2020-04-21 17:34:07 UTC  
2020-04-21 18:03:57 UTC  

Online aircraft radar tracker.
The "U" option only shows military aircraft.
The "T" option shows the route they have traveled.
Touch an aircraft it'll bring up information on it.

2020-04-21 18:05:39 UTC

2020-06-24 19:35:54 UTC  

@capo this is the main channel, ask any of these guys and they can help

2020-06-24 19:36:06 UTC  

thank you

2020-06-24 19:36:25 UTC  

good evening, i am looking for prepping advice as a beginner 🙂 Anabelle sent me

2020-06-24 19:37:06 UTC  

also i want to start growing food myself to learn how to do it

2020-06-24 19:37:22 UTC  

any pointers on where/how start out

2020-06-24 19:37:54 UTC  

@Karnivore @kayyy @Queen Of Conspiracy @AZ infidel you guys along with omni and Squeeks would be the best to teach him, I’ll be back later

2020-06-24 19:38:12 UTC  

@capo start buying cows, not just pounds of meat

2020-06-24 19:38:26 UTC  

alive cows..?

2020-06-24 19:38:54 UTC  

You can go to a butcher and buy a half cow for cheap

2020-06-24 19:39:24 UTC  

ohh like that 🤣 yeah i but my meat in bulk from a butcher