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2020-04-25 22:28:33 UTC

2020-04-25 22:29:34 UTC  

When fat boy wakes up dead, there will undoubtedly be a war for his throne.

2020-04-26 03:14:17 UTC  

Half the country is busy writing Gao Kao. (China is dizzy).

2020-04-26 03:14:35 UTC  

The other half is busy serving the country.

2020-04-26 03:14:49 UTC  

Only 10% of the country is fighting for stupidity.

2020-04-26 03:17:28 UTC  

remember only 4% are sociopath, 1% are psychopath. So. why is china going to war and with whom is illogical.

2020-04-26 03:18:19 UTC  

The All seeing all knowing all disaster AI cannot go to war unless a nation of country goes to have a mental illness.

2020-04-26 03:18:57 UTC  

predictive programming in China.

2020-04-26 03:21:29 UTC  

watch the full movie discreetly and know that PontyPool is about a mental illness that spreads through masses' echolia effect.

2020-04-26 03:23:06 UTC  

I've never heard of that movie.

2020-04-26 03:23:10 UTC  

But I found a stream for it.

2020-04-26 03:23:13 UTC  

Made in Canada.

2020-04-26 03:23:16 UTC  

Full movie.

2020-04-26 03:23:20 UTC  

I'm playing it now.

2020-04-26 03:23:23 UTC  

I need popcorn.

2020-04-26 03:23:48 UTC  

Do not be scared of my cuddles Karnivore 🪂

2020-04-26 03:24:01 UTC  


2020-04-26 03:24:12 UTC