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I've heard some people's testimony are getting saved through their research. It all points to what you're talking about, the occult pushing antithetical theological nonsense and these people realize that its all the hide the truth about Yahushua, but why isnt everyone like that? They get stuck in the lies yet they think its truth...

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πŸ’ͺ >forbidden

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@Deleted User do not preach in this channel kay does not want it. I let you babble on with the kid. Now move it to your server where it’s dedicated to religion

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@Deleted User Actually, *"apocryphal"* is a revionist term coined by the Roman-Pharisaic theologians of ungodly religious councils *(like Trent or Nicea)* asserting unbiblical revision. Dead Sea Scrolls confirms books like Enoch aren't *"apocryphal,"* they're simply part of the collation known as the *"Bible (meaning 'books')."*

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Yeah I'm done

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@bible whore 1 That channel doesn't exist, & also, everyone in this chat is discussing the same topics. So no need for ur unprovoked bias πŸ‘Œ

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Not doing this here per rules

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I said your server, not your channel

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Yeah i dont understand chamelon was talking about it too

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Not really you showed up

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we were having our own conversation then you butt in

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You have a whole server set up for this, you know kayyys rule on the general chat

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Now follow them

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We were just be social here til you showed up

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@bible whore 1 I can post here. Everyone knows you're simply abusing your mod status to pursue your vendetta against me

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@Winnie True bro

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How come you don't make your own videos of your interpretation

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Why do people think belief in the bible is just an "interpretation"

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No, I am telling you to move your talk of religion elsewhere, as Kayyy said yesterday

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ok lets talk about the occult then ! @Deleted User

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No no you know what was talked about but you still persist

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@Deleted User Becuz I don't interpret, I read the Bible; we're not supposed to lean on our own understanding like the religious do

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Go to his server

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No topics of religion

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Go to his server for that πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

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What are some tactics these satanists use to hinder the discussion of the truth? Like the globalists use politics as a diversion for the masses to hide whats really going on right?

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Yeah, I can feel the skin burning off me

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@bible whore 1 Bible is history, not religion...religion = theology

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Thats so true

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No one cares about your skin kitty 😘

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Why come here

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@bible whore 1 you wound me πŸ’™

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It is tied to religion

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Your view on the bible is an actual interpretation

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@Winnie 100%

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The bible is not connected to religion