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@Tyler Wood Bushcraft Are u the *actual* YouTube Bushcraft guy?

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@Deleted User How do people come to the idea of worshipping "non creator" gods?

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like why would you worship anyone but the creator

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@Winnie Ive got chocolate & vanilla

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LOL lucky

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@Winnie Only Yahuashua...I mean, all else is a non-god LARPing as Yahuashua

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Ryan, what is this video?

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Ohh i see. @Deleted User

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b'nai ha Elohim is this what you are

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So every other "god" is just a false idol?

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@bible whore 1 check it out lol

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@Winnie @☏Azriel *"How do people come to the idea of worshipping "non creator" gods?"*
^They become cucked by false doctrines , religion, & generally anything akin the satanic agenda

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Oooh, culty ☺

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Funny stuff Anna

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@Deleted User hai hai! ☺

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Hello Kinky

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Instead hello kitty lol

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All these false doctrines, who comes up with them? Like why do people just put false information out there? Who is deceiving everyone into belief of false idols. The occult?

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Waaaaait for it

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Well the Bible has been rewritten by man many times and each time it there interpretation of it

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How do people get to believing that ^ ?

2019-09-27 14:43:16 UTC  

like it makes no sense

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The Apocrypha has many forbidden books

2019-09-27 14:44:11 UTC  

Using religion was brought upon us as control of the public

2019-09-27 14:44:32 UTC  

@Winnie *Some people* fall for revisionist ilk like gnocsticism *(even more sophisticated variants; ex: "Christian gnocsticism")* such *the trinity,* or hermeticism; but alas all satanic doctrines are biblical revisions of ironically, becuz anything satanic is by nature antithetical *(meaning a secondary theological falsehood LARPing as biblical truth).*

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@Deleted User what where you told yesterday?

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I've heard some people's testimony are getting saved through their research. It all points to what you're talking about, the occult pushing antithetical theological nonsense and these people realize that its all the hide the truth about Yahushua, but why isnt everyone like that? They get stuck in the lies yet they think its truth...

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💪 >forbidden

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@Deleted User do not preach in this channel kay does not want it. I let you babble on with the kid. Now move it to your server where it’s dedicated to religion

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@Deleted User Actually, *"apocryphal"* is a revionist term coined by the Roman-Pharisaic theologians of ungodly religious councils *(like Trent or Nicea)* asserting unbiblical revision. Dead Sea Scrolls confirms books like Enoch aren't *"apocryphal,"* they're simply part of the collation known as the *"Bible (meaning 'books')."*

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Yeah I'm done

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@bible whore 1 That channel doesn't exist, & also, everyone in this chat is discussing the same topics. So no need for ur unprovoked bias 👌

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Not doing this here per rules

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I said your server, not your channel