Message from The Green Fairy in welp. u already Kno... #general

2019-10-11 03:53:37 UTC  

*licks lips*

2019-10-11 03:53:41 UTC  

I think I'm done with this...if you want to disagree that is your right.

2019-10-11 03:53:52 UTC  

@Deleted User stop with the personal attacks

2019-10-11 03:54:07 UTC  

alright 5 minutes until alien talk

2019-10-11 03:54:09 UTC  

I'll be back in 10 mins...have my sandwich ready *"whores"*

2019-10-11 03:54:14 UTC  

stoney may be coming by

2019-10-11 03:54:24 UTC  

Ah yes I love when I’m called a whore ☺️

2019-10-11 03:54:34 UTC  

Slut works fine though

2019-10-11 03:54:48 UTC  

@Deleted User Well, since women can only make sandwiches and breed, I refuse to do the first, guess that leaves the latter!

2019-10-11 03:55:06 UTC  

We love degradation, call us more names, daddy!!

2019-10-11 03:55:12 UTC  


2019-10-11 03:55:17 UTC  


2019-10-11 03:55:20 UTC  

fuck yes

2019-10-11 03:55:34 UTC  

@bible whore 1
^ U call yourself a *"whore,"* ergo the quotations. 👌

2019-10-11 03:55:35 UTC  


2019-10-11 03:55:48 UTC  

so that's why you love being back handed by @Deleted User

2019-10-11 03:55:51 UTC  

YAS keep calling us by our dirty names

2019-10-11 03:55:52 UTC  

I get it now

2019-10-11 03:56:13 UTC  

@oddball Weak women like strong hands

2019-10-11 03:56:20 UTC  

well true

2019-10-11 03:56:27 UTC  

Oh, that's courtesy of me! Since you called me jezebel and I just love you so much, I decided to keep it!! @Deleted User

2019-10-11 03:56:32 UTC  

Yeah, which is why wiggles isn’t our taste

2019-10-11 03:56:58 UTC  

@The Green Fairy U do what I say becuz I alpha'd u & u liked it

2019-10-11 03:56:59 UTC  


2019-10-11 03:57:24 UTC  

@The Green Fairy Look. I haven't been here for that long, but I can already tell this from Whore 1 and you.
1) You have not typed shit or only refenced shit by links. Do not copy&paste. You will lose major ground.
2) I asked a PUBLIC QUESTION and it gets answered in the DMs!!! You lost another mile while they gain another 100 miles on your ass.
3) Where DAH FUCK did I say I wanna chain your ass to the bed!?! I rather be 60 yards away from you, if you and your friend act like this.
In conclusion,
Y'all suck at debating and better at screaming about your feelings.

2019-10-11 03:57:50 UTC  

why can't some succubus come into my room at night and ride me like some nice sexy nightmare

2019-10-11 03:58:04 UTC  

@MaskedHeathen the copy and past was obviously so I could reference someone’s article

2019-10-11 03:58:08 UTC  

wait this isn't google

2019-10-11 03:58:09 UTC  


2019-10-11 03:58:14 UTC  

Next I have posted articles

2019-10-11 03:58:15 UTC  

sorry i don't really agree with operators attitude but i have to post this

2019-10-11 03:58:24 UTC

2019-10-11 03:58:26 UTC  

You played the sexism card, I went along with it

2019-10-11 03:58:43 UTC  

@The Green Fairy don't spank me mommy

2019-10-11 03:58:46 UTC  

@bible whore 1 Then put it in your own words. Don't bitch out and be lazy while these guys put in the effort.

2019-10-11 03:59:01 UTC  

It was to prove his article stated what I was

2019-10-11 03:59:05 UTC  


2019-10-11 03:59:16 UTC  

Because I was stating it for a long ass time

2019-10-11 03:59:18 UTC  


2019-10-11 03:59:30 UTC  


2019-10-11 03:59:31 UTC  

You haven’t even been here for half of it