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Y'all need some Diet Coke?No? Alright.

@bible whore 1 Where does that say that?

Why DM this to me privately ?

They probably are reading it still or already have.

I have two degrees from college. One in Gender Studies and one in Shit-Posting, ma'am.

Shit-Posting is coming handy this time of month.


Aliens = Interdimensional Demons

If you are gonna be like that Whore 1, then you have lost this argument. No one rang a bell (minus oddball). An- WHY DID YOU NOT SAY THAT FIRST OMFG

"I won't come on even if you ring a bell"
few seconds later
"I can't get on because of people around"

Logic 0/10

Miss. Bible Whore 1,

You are making too many excuses at this point. Just stick to one.

Love your local peanut gallery,
Masked Heathen ❀

You goes ever dug so deep that you hit bed rock? That is where these two at this point.

Then work at Subway. Don't ever debate.

Pardon me?

@The Green Fairy Look. I haven't been here for that long, but I can already tell this from Whore 1 and you.
1) You have not typed shit or only refenced shit by links. Do not copy&paste. You will lose major ground.
2) I asked a PUBLIC QUESTION and it gets answered in the DMs!!! You lost another mile while they gain another 100 miles on your ass.
3) Where DAH FUCK did I say I wanna chain your ass to the bed!?! I rather be 60 yards away from you, if you and your friend act like this.
In conclusion,
Y'all suck at debating and better at screaming about your feelings.

@bible whore 1 Then put it in your own words. Don't bitch out and be lazy while these guys put in the effort.


Say it! Do NOT post an article and think, "I win hehe."

I don't have too!

No you have not.

Dear Lord, please save these women from their own failure and stupidity. Amen.

I'm only 12 and I have more common sense than you.

A whole Karen more like it...

Cuck is the right term here.


Y'all need a snickers bar at this point, not a Diet Coke.

Here we come.

So glad I aced my Shit-Posting course.

Yeah... But I fixed it by saying "Gender is only a social barrier against us."

No. That is a troll, ma'am.

You used an emoji classifying into the Troll Section.

Trolling 101 on page 169 states, "...if one uses a emoji at the end of a snarky comment or question, this confirms to be a low tier troll."

You were snarky in that comment and failed at low par.

Your ass ain't the main course, ma'am.

Corn is not a dessert.

Nuts? Maybe.

Flap jacks are not jello.

Don't worry. I skipped over you with my Russian and NSA friends.

Do they have tank?

My friend does have one. It's fun to ride.

They why call yourself a whore?

@bible whore 1 Will this have more of a solid base than the Lilith thing?

@Deleted User I am only attacking her false logic.

It is weak, confusing, has no sense, and if you truly believe in the Bible- you would not call yourself a whore or add it next to God's Holy Book.

Just saying.


I call for this meeting to be closed.


This is Operator

I'm gonna head off tonight guys. Night y'all.

We back at fighting abouth Lilth thing again?

Oh rules. That's gonna be dope. You guys gonna make a debate and discussion channel tab?

Text? Not voice

My bad

Im blind.

Pretty good. At work currently.

Good rule good rule

@bible whore 1 then why offer it?

You were gonna add that to the Rules. That's either telling I have to eat it.

Clearly you don't know what the fuck you typed.

🀦 🀦 🀦

No I does not. @bible whore 1 you stated that you wanted to make it into "rule two".

Am I making any sense here, y'all?

@Deleted User Thank you.

@bible whore 1 We ain't. I am dropping and moving, unlike your damn argument with weak points. Weaker than this year's Democratic Debates.

Hollywood is a great place for your casual sex cults and what not!

@Deleted User Probably later tonight. I'll be on and off in text chat.


About to hop on vc


im just dead over here fam

Passed my LTC. Now I can legally carry

@Dallas I know! I can't wait to carry my .50 Cal assault rifle with my chainsaw attachment!

@Deleted User Hunting*


@Deleted User QUICK! Tell him you'll stop following his MySpace!

Why are starting dumpster fires again?

@Deleted User 😘

Then who keeps dumping a new gallon of gas onto the fire?

Let it die out and move on.

Or y'all can stop throwing shit into the fire.

@Infinite Have you given him a chance?

@Dallas maybe he wants to explain it than do it the lazy way?

@Dallas he still on the radio, TV, and still expanding.

It's his channel, bro. I know nothing what happened about that.


@Deleted User @Deleted User
I have to agree with Operator on this. Wiki can be changed, false info, and simply trolled on.

@Deleted User Free energy?

No it ain't.

Even a liberal college student can tell you that.

@Deleted User mmmmm no.

Free energy will involve more taxation on us and they'll end up giving shitty service. Look at all our free programs. They suck.

It's a good idea on paper but in practice- not really.

@bible whore 1 Operator?

*grooooooOOOOOOOOAN* I don't want to scroll through bullshit. Gimme a second...

@Deleted User Have fun, bro.

*slams head on desk and pulls out a bottle Jack*
Here we go again...

@Deleted User I just don't trust anything free. Even free samples.

I wasnt on much yesterday, Fox. πŸ˜‚

Sorry tho

Next time when I'm vc we can talk about it if you want

Damn voice chat

@AZ infidel YES! yeeeeesssss

How? Y'all continue and keep provoking him.

Nah, heading to a corn maze.

@Deleted User be fighting off kids in this corn field

@MaxIgnoramus Bro... You smoking crack? The only "nature causes people to leave" is having a constant fight. I'm totally cool with challenging idea and fighting back to see who is right. But you keep it going for days now. Not just you- others. You either man up, shake his hand, and move on. Or! You keep throwing hissy fits over sad excuses.

He does! He challenges ideas! Are you fucking blind!? Do I need to drive to the eye doctor!?

Because y'all constantly attack him and talk mad shit when he is gone in public chat.

PUBLIC. How much pathetic do you have to be. Do it in DMs, gossip girl.

@AZ infidel πŸ‘FuckπŸ‘YesπŸ‘

@Deleted User Is it bad to question things? πŸ˜‚

It's his truth. You can show him YOUR truth. But it's up to him to decide if he wants to believe in it.

Then let him be.

It is HIS life.

Then I don't know what to tell you then.

@Deleted User Alright.

@Deleted User Maybe he wants to restart the Deep State and make it the way he wants it.

@Deleted User Look. I don't trust my government AT ALL. Trump could be good, but he has done some bad policies.

Alright. Let's say you're running a store then. All your employees are acting up, stealing, and saying bad things about you. Would you want to fire them all to restart your store?

I would.

@Deleted User So Operator is not going to agree with you on Trump not being a puppet of the State.

Then we move on!

You both agree there is a Deep State, right?

No no. You both have to find middle ground.

Now. Is there a Deep State?

🀦 🀦 🀦

Then I don't know what to aay

... You really wanna test me?

I was trying to be nice

But fuck it

@GoldenBoy AR-10, son!


@GoldenBoy Stay golden! πŸ˜‚

Y'all been chasing after him.

Anyways. Did you guys hear about an Antifa member being killed at a leftist bar then a car crashing into the Democratic Center

Shit heating up really fast.

@GoldenBoy Because then they'll have no one to bitch about

Not by Antifa.

Some dumbass leftist at a Trump Rally I bet.

Antifa is being trained with the Kurds sooooooo

It's a 50/50.


Why do I even point out shit...?

@Infinite Pretty much. Extinction Protesters were blocking the road while two motorcyclist wanting to go through. Man! That biker gave them shit!

@Deleted User How was the pumpkin patch?

Shit! Fell for the trap!

@Deleted User I'm glad you had fun and it's always better when the kids go crazy.

Well... You keep walking back into it. :V

Bruh. Pumpkin Pie for life!!!

Do that.

Or buy the fake ones.

@Deleted User Lucky bastard!


Oof. That's rough.



I'm always kicking the spicy memes out


I say we don't have enough talking.

Damn. Didn't see roasted lizard on the menu tonight


You know it!

I mean... They have Taco Tuesday. Who the fuck says no to free tacos?

@Deleted User Also I don't agree with 100% what Operator says. I like to play Devil's Advocate at times.

@Deleted User Then be more mature.


( Ν‘Β° ΝœΚ– Ν‘Β°)


@Nani NANI!? (Κ˜θ¨€Κ˜β•¬)

Also known as the "Good Shit".

What's the saying, @Deleted User ? "Any publicity is good publicity."

@Nani Oof... You okay?

Wtf is this shit? I didn't order more roast lizard!



@Captain Reality How else am I supposed to make my day bearable!?

I'll only smoke it once it's legal in Texas

@Captain Reality Because I'm a lil bitch that's why.


And again.

From this bullshit? Yeah. We do.

@Deleted User I just think this is bullshit- SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT THIS PROPHET SHIT! It's weak. Either grow the fuck up and move on or keep abusing your powers like the entitled bitch you are.

@Deleted User @Deleted User @Nani Alright you two. Y'all need to chill. Nani take your son away and I'll take lil' operator away. Also take him to hospital... Seems like he has a concussion.

@bible whore 1 War... War never changes.

@Deleted User I know you good. Just trying to calm down chat, man. πŸ˜‚ Lizard about to go to war in here and we don't need that.

@Deleted User I know you good. Just trying to calm down chat, man. πŸ˜‚ Lizard about to go to war in here and we don't need that.

@Deleted User You raised the bar to deleting his message. If you want @Deleted User to look foolish, leave it up. You're only proving him right.

@Nani 🀣

@Deleted User @Deleted User Smart answer here is apologize and move on. But he won't and keep shit going.

@Deleted User Idk you tell me, my cult leader. Right? I'm a cultist follower?

16!? 16 fucking messages!


Nah nah. Don't you lie now.

Scalie Boi about to get his cheeks clapped

@Deleted User You fucking deleted *16 messages from him*. What do you not understand by this!?

@Nani Went out on a date with a trans girl without knowing it. Tinder sucks.


Omfg I have never seen the most ridiculous modder in my life.

16. *Sixteen*. I can not get over that.

Here he goes again.

@Deleted User YES! THANK YOU!

Finally! On the right path!


More is better!😎


@Nani oh yeah... Don't go to them.

Panda Express bankrupts you on your food and health... That weak I'll never get back either... @Nani

@Deleted User Probably a glitch? Android has been doing that to me alot.






*slams head into wall*

I'm- I'm just. Wow.

Just wow


Just.. omg.

He real?

I'm blown away by this.

Who the fuck allowed you to be Mod? Just wow.

And here you are.

Accusing my ass.

Being Operator.

Get out of here with that petty shit.


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