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Yeah, same here. It’s purposely locked 🔒 but not sure what the reason or context is. Probably for previous members related to gaming(?). Either way, I stay subbed to stay connected incase YouTube shuts him down 👍

2021-01-06 00:43:52 UTC  

relevant ^

2021-01-06 03:21:38 UTC  

How big is the turnout in DC? I’ve only seen reports that it is less than expected.

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@Livingstone this is what came up in my feed

2021-01-06 04:32:03 UTC  

Find Waldo

2021-01-06 04:32:54 UTC  

Thank you so much. Looking for him now.

2021-01-06 08:51:23 UTC Italy did it. This is dropping. Y’all. They are saying that Italy and Obama orchestrated this. Look for posters that say “Italy did it” because this is going to be HUGE.

2021-01-06 14:49:51 UTC  

God bless everyone in DC, you're representing the rest of america that can't be there today

2021-01-06 21:04:23 UTC  

heard a DC protester was shot in the neck by DC Police .. hope it don't escalate

2021-01-06 21:05:10 UTC  

it will

2021-01-06 21:06:02 UTC  

The politicians need to be afraid of the people ..... without fear they will keep effing us over

2021-01-06 21:06:28 UTC  

you need to sort this out now tonight

2021-01-06 21:06:31 UTC  

PBS first said it was someone ~~shit~~ shot in the chest with CPR being given on scene (1hr ago) and about 20 min ago reported that someone shot in the neck — and they suspect it was the same victim but further clarified

2021-01-06 21:11:14 UTC  

Not trying to sound like a conspiracy theorist but what if it was antifa dressed as trump supporters 🤔

2021-01-06 21:12:08 UTC  

There was talk about people going to dress in all black to pose as antifa — wouldn’t be surprised if it went the other way

2021-01-06 21:12:12 UTC  

@Zeke I dunno... I think this is legit. Americans have learnt in 2020 that some violence is the only way to be heard

2021-01-06 21:13:21 UTC  

But this act only furthers the opposing party’s resolve, no?

2021-01-06 21:13:50 UTC  

I think most blacks in america are gonna look at this and think 'ok whites are actually savage'

2021-01-06 21:14:20 UTC  

And seeing as they basically just listen to whatever black people say, I think its good

2021-01-06 21:15:04 UTC  

Btw I'm an Aussie so I maybe don't have a full idea of your country

2021-01-06 21:16:32 UTC  

Ehh... msm makes it a color thing. I hope this issue doesn’t go into such an unproductive thought process — because it’s not about color

2021-01-06 21:17:04 UTC  

Oh, I'm just talking how people react subconsciously

2021-01-06 21:17:26 UTC  

The reason so many supported the blm riots was because most people will just agree with whoever is prepared to use violence

2021-01-06 21:17:52 UTC  

Seeing as these guys haven't actually killed or looted or burnt anything down... no permanent damage, I think this is fine

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2021-01-06 21:36:38 UTC  

Ohhh both Georgia seats have been decided — the Dems have it; this might’ve been the straw that broke the camel’s back

2021-01-06 22:20:42 UTC  

Just gunna say this again...

2021-01-06 22:22:47 UTC

2021-01-06 23:43:39 UTC  

This is absolute insanity... I honestly don't know what to expect next

2021-01-06 23:44:52 UTC  

We will do what is right and what is necessary, but we are treading into uncharted territory

2021-01-06 23:46:07 UTC  

What transpired today was the shot heard around the world

2021-01-06 23:49:09 UTC  
2021-01-06 23:49:43 UTC  

She’s asking the questions to my suspicions

2021-01-07 00:00:58 UTC  

let's go patriots

2021-01-07 00:01:12 UTC  

Love all of you from the Caribbean

2021-01-07 00:32:42 UTC  
2021-01-07 02:20:56 UTC  

God bless senator Hawley🇺🇸

2021-01-07 02:25:50 UTC  

PA Sen saying all this in hindsight — shoulda said all this wayyy earlier <:facepalm:438877920753090560>