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2020-05-09 08:01:32 UTC  

<:youtube:335112740957978625> **Searching** 🔎 ``

2020-05-09 08:01:33 UTC  

**Playing** 🎶 `TOOL - Parabol (Audio)` - Now!

2020-05-09 08:02:13 UTC  


2020-05-09 08:02:13 UTC  

📭 **Successfully disconnected**

2020-05-09 08:02:19 UTC  
2020-05-09 08:02:20 UTC  

<:youtube:335112740957978625> **Searching** 🔎 ``

2020-05-09 08:02:20 UTC  

**Playing** 🎶 `TOOL - Parabol (Audio)` - Now!

2020-05-09 08:02:45 UTC  
2020-05-09 08:02:45 UTC  

<:youtube:335112740957978625> **Searching** 🔎 ``

2020-05-09 08:02:46 UTC  

2020-05-09 08:04:14 UTC  

<:youtube:335112740957978625> **Searching** 🔎 ``

2020-05-09 08:04:14 UTC  

2020-05-09 08:04:14 UTC  

✅ **Enqueued `10` songs**

2020-05-09 09:11:14 UTC  

<:youtube:335112740957978625> **Searching** 🔎 ``

2020-05-09 09:11:14 UTC  

2020-05-09 09:11:14 UTC  

✅ **Enqueued `13` songs**

2020-05-18 22:18:58 UTC  

~~<:status_dnd:596576774364856321> **Scheduled maintenance this Thursday (21st) starting 11am UTC**
We will be performing maintenance on <:rythm:345035225279234049> Rythm 1 in order to migrate to our new codebase as detailed in the <#231471364740087808> channel.
The outage is expected to last approximately 2-3 hours.
<:rythm2:513127646792777758> Rythm 2 and <:rythmcanary:513127646780194817> Rythm Canary will remain fully operational and support high load during this time.

You may invite the alternative releases from: **<>**

Any updates on the situation will be posted here, Thank you for choosing Rythm <:blob_salute:462845760929660928> <:blobheart:623022947598204928>

⚠️ **Update:** We are starting the upgrade. Rythm may go offline in your server for the duration of the upgrade, check above for an alternative release to use during the maintenance
<:status_idle:596576773488115722> **Update:** Migration is mostly complete, we are now starting all bots back up and monitoring!
<:status_idle:596576773488115722> **Update:** Rythm 2 and Canary are fully booted, Rythm 1 is now booting and should be up in approximately 10-20 minutes!~~

<:status_online:596576749790429200> **Maintenance complete** <:party:350641647417032706>

2020-05-22 18:13:22 UTC  

<:idle:688566175684493372> ~~We're aware of the issues affecting Rythm and we're working to fix them right now. Please be patient.~~ You may invite the alternative releases from: <>
<:idle:688566175684493372> ~~Our development team has identified the root cause of the issue and are working hard on deploying a fix.~~
<:idle:688566175684493372> ~~We just pushed a fix to Canary! Give us some time to reboot.~~
<:idle:688566175684493372> ~~A fix is now being pushed to Rythm 2!~~
<:dnd:688566207028396143> ~~We are aware of the issues affecting the Rythm bots. Please be patient as we troubleshoot the issues.~~
<:idle:688566175684493372> ~~Rythm 2 and Rythm Canary are both fully functional!~~
<:online:688566233674678309> Everything is fully functional

2020-07-06 17:06:47 UTC  

<:status_dnd:596576774364856321> ~~**The Brazilian voice servers are currently not working properly.** Please change your server region to something else in order to restore Rythms audio.~~ **Resolved** <:rythm:345035225279234049>

2020-07-12 21:01:16 UTC  

~~<:status_dnd:596576774364856321> **We're aware of Rythm being unresponsive. It's an outage with our hosting provider. We have no ETA at the moment. Hopefully our bots will be back shortly. <:miniheart:452127879212302397> **~~
~~<:status_idle:596576773488115722> **All of our bots are currently recovering.**~~

<:status_online:596576749790429200> **Resolved! Thank you for your patience.**

2020-07-17 22:10:26 UTC  

<:status_dnd:596576774364856321>~~ **We're aware that all our bots are offline, we're currently slowly recovering. This is due to an upstream outage from CloudFlare. For more updates, please read: **~~
~~<:status_idle:596576773488115722> **Our bots are now slowly coming back online, give it some time to fully come back online, thank you for your patience. 🙏 **~~
~~<:status_idle:596576773488115722> **UPDATE: Rythm 2 and Canary is now fully rebooted. <:party:350641647417032706> You can invite them from <> until Rythm 1 is fully booted.**~~

<:status_online:596576749790429200> **The outage has been resolved! All our bots are up and running. Thank you for your patience and we apologize for any inconvenience caused by this outage. We wish you all a continued wonderful weekend. Thanks for choosing Rythm! 💜 <:party:350641647417032706> **

2020-08-23 10:17:13 UTC  

<:youtube:335112740957978625> **Searching** 🔎 ``

2020-08-23 10:17:14 UTC  

2020-08-23 10:17:40 UTC  

<:youtube:335112740957978625> **Searching** 🔎 ``

2020-08-23 10:17:41 UTC  

2020-08-30 10:25:32 UTC  

~~**<:status_dnd:596576774364856321> We're aware our bots being slow or not responding. We're currently investigating. **~~
~~**<:status_idle:596576773488115722> Our bots are slowly rebooting.**~~

<:online:487591063616225290> **Resolved <:party:350641647417032706> **

2020-09-01 20:03:16 UTC  

~~<:idle:702753838427275274> **We are currently performing a maintenance on all our bots, the bots might disconnect or stop functioning during a small period of time. We're doing this to provide a better experience, it shouldn't take long until everything is finished, thank you for your patience. 🙏 **

**Update:** The maintenance is taking a bit longer than expected due to issues from our hosting provider. We expect things to be up and running smoothly very soon~~

~~<:idle:702753838427275274> **Our bots are now booting up!**

**Update:** Rythm 2 and Rythm Canary are fully booted, feel free to invite them from <> in the mean time until Rythm 1 is back.~~

<:online:313956277808005120> **All our bots are now successfully fully online! We deeply apologize for the duration of the outage, it took way longer than expected, in the future we promise to give a much sooner heads-up before hitting the red button. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this downtime.**

Thank you for your patience and hope you all will have a wonderful continued week, thank you for choosing Rythm! <:party:350641647417032706> <:rythm:345035225279234049>

2020-09-12 13:42:47 UTC  

~~<:status_dnd:596576774364856321> **We're currently in the process of allocating more shards to @Rythm, which means more stability and less lag for everyone. The bot will be offline during this process, but it won't take long. In the mean time, you may invite @Rythm 2 or @Rythm Canary from <> until we're done, thank you for your patience. 🙏 **

__**Side note:**__ Rythm will resume playing your queue once we're done with our reallocation! 🥳 ~~

<:online:487591063616225290> **Resolved! <:party:350641647417032706> **

2020-09-18 19:03:51 UTC  

~~<:status_dnd:596576774364856321> **We're aware of issues with playing songs on Rythm 1, 2 and Canary and currently working on a fix. Sorry for any inconvenience **~~

<:status_online:596576749790429200> **Resolved! <:party:350641647417032706> **

2020-10-05 14:47:46 UTC  

~~<:status_dnd:596576774364856321> **We're aware about Rythm 1 may appear offline in your server, we're currently working on a solution. In the mean time you can invite an alternative release from <>.**~~

<:status_online:596576749790429200> **Resolved** <:party:350641647417032706>

2020-10-21 15:07:20 UTC  

~~<:status_dnd:596576774364856321> **We're aware of Rythm being offline in multiple servers and we're currently working on a solution. We apologize for any inconvenience, in the mean time you can invite Rythm 2 from <>**~~

<:status_online:596576749790429200> **Resolved <:party:350641647417032706> **

2020-11-06 08:04:35 UTC  

~~<:status_idle:596576773488115722> **We're aware of issues with queuing playlist with more than 100 songs. A fix will be implemented soon, in the mean time you can queue Spotify playlists to workaround this issue.** ~~

~~<:status_idle:596576773488115722> **Update: The fix has been rolled out to Rythm Canary, you can give it a try at <>**~~

<:status_online:596576749790429200> ** Resolved**

2020-11-07 14:31:59 UTC  

~~<:status_dnd:596576774364856321> **We're aware that all of Rythm is offline at the moment and we're investigating**~~

~~**UPDATE:** Discord is actively investigating a connectivity issue, once we're confident it has been resolved, we will start our bots again. For updates from Discord, please read <>~~

~~<:status_idle:596576773488115722> **We're now in the process of starting up our bots again, Rythm 2 has fully recovered. You can invite it from <> <:party:350641647417032706> **~~

<:status_online:596576749790429200> **Resolved!** <:party:350641647417032706>

2020-11-12 00:24:10 UTC  

~~<:status_idle:596576773488115722> **We're aware that Rythm does not work at the moment with YouTube, it appears to be an outage on their end. In the mean time you'll need to use other sites, you can find what sites we support at <>**~~

~~**NOTE: Due to how our Spotify integration is made, Spotify won't work either for the duration of this outage.**~~

<:status_online:596576749790429200> **Resolved <:party:350641647417032706> **

2020-12-26 14:01:50 UTC  

~~<:status_idle:596576773488115722> **We're aware of issues with our bots not being able to properly connect to voice channels and are actively investigating. We apologize for any inconvenience.**

**UPDATE:** It appears to be a more widespread networking issue. So far it looks like the server region ``US Central`` works, so please try changing your server region to ``US Central``.~~

<:status_online:596576749790429200> **Resolved! I wish you all happy holidays <:party:350641647417032706> **

2020-12-26 14:10:44 UTC  

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