Message from JHWH in /csg/ #off-topic

2017-09-04 14:57:00 UTC  

and tax on 100 pounds???

2017-09-04 14:57:06 UTC  

I don't think he understands taxes

2017-09-04 14:57:10 UTC  

he said he was earning too much money at his supemarket and he'll be taxed too much

2017-09-04 14:57:11 UTC  

private school money laundering contest

2017-09-04 14:57:18 UTC  

but then pulled it back when I asked where the £100 was

2017-09-04 14:57:26 UTC  

it was just to dangle in front of me because I told him I'm broke

2017-09-04 14:57:29 UTC  

he's a psycho man

2017-09-04 14:57:30 UTC  

muh minimum wage tax bracket

2017-09-04 14:57:56 UTC  

fuck him, never forgive him for that shit. Did it to David too once he found out david is a poorfag

2017-09-04 14:57:58 UTC  

not cool

2017-09-04 14:59:28 UTC  

daddy dapple taught him well

2017-09-04 14:59:44 UTC

2017-09-04 15:02:13 UTC  

Edit 3: he is faggot

2017-09-04 15:04:00 UTC

2017-09-04 15:04:18 UTC  

when he admitted to friendzoning himself

2017-09-04 15:04:25 UTC  


2017-09-04 15:05:09 UTC  

I don't know what is real anymore

2017-09-04 15:05:35 UTC  

maybe he's larping and we're the sperglords

2017-09-04 15:05:44 UTC  

sure as hell would be easier to explain

2017-09-04 15:07:18 UTC  

@Deleted User is that really your setup?

2017-09-04 15:07:35 UTC  

empty tissue box makes it a 8/10

2017-09-04 15:08:00 UTC  

9/10 for thicc out of place television

2017-09-04 15:08:19 UTC  

i had to substract points for the placement and angle of the right monitor

2017-09-04 15:08:25 UTC  

fan pointed at feet rescued it though

2017-09-04 15:09:07 UTC  

i hope the gummy horse isnt an onahole

2017-09-04 15:09:12 UTC  

no curry bowl, it can't be slib

2017-09-04 15:10:45 UTC  

@transience he sometimes larps in order to make prior slips/statements of his more ridicolous so that they sound unbelievable or made up

2017-09-04 15:10:55 UTC  

its a form of coping

2017-09-04 15:11:51 UTC  

He is backbone of /r/ETH community though

2017-09-04 15:12:28 UTC  

Dell U2715H shipped 😖

2017-09-04 15:15:48 UTC  

that photo is a few weeks old but i made sure the tissue box was in view

2017-09-04 15:16:19 UTC  

everybody thinks that the donkey is for fucking, its for abusing with my feet and kicking

2017-09-04 15:16:39 UTC  

well there is a great overlap between the two usually

2017-09-04 15:16:39 UTC  

@transience thank you for Gold(tm) kind stranger!

2017-09-04 15:17:53 UTC  

just swallowed ice am i gonna be okay ???

2017-09-04 15:18:26 UTC  

jwwh whats wrong with the right monitor, its for comfy foobar and spotify

2017-09-04 15:19:22 UTC

2017-09-04 15:19:53 UTC  

ive switched to paper towels, much more versatile

2017-09-04 15:21:40 UTC  

its too far away

2017-09-04 15:21:52 UTC  

looks like you would have to twist your head in an uncomfortable angle

2017-09-04 15:21:57 UTC  

actual pussy boy tho because he won't reveal my dox