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2017-03-17 23:25:54 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

the secret meme iems are called eiaosi, they arent even on the infographic yet. get them fast until their prices is memed like the sharks sd cards were

2017-03-20 09:44:20 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

just look up cheap mice. they try to chink you with 99c mousepad as a choosable option, but the listing says smth like gaymer mouse

2017-03-20 09:44:52 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

the actual mouse is 7 bucks or so

2017-03-20 09:45:56 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

@Archy arent the post office workers all sub saharan negroes anyway? as if they d care if you order an elephant dildo

2017-03-20 10:10:39 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

only 4 days since in destination country

2017-03-20 10:13:12 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

i have one which arrived the 9th

2017-03-20 10:15:23 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

wait or yell at customs that you re not be trifled with

2017-03-20 10:17:13 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

there is? I created an account some days ago

2017-03-20 10:17:27 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

I guess the other one is an older nonregistered

2017-03-20 10:18:18 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

one of my machines isnt logged in then yet

2017-03-20 10:18:20 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

you can kick it

2017-03-20 10:18:40 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

this is one is the trve one

2017-03-20 10:26:52 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

thats what I call institutionalised oppression

2017-03-20 10:29:29 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

depending on what you bought, but generally buying chink keycaps is safe and solid

2017-03-20 10:29:44 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

mostly you can get better ones than stock caps

2017-03-20 10:37:44 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

thick PBT is fine

2017-03-20 11:17:34 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

maybe in the way that a baby mouth car masturbator feels like a real prostitutes mouth

2017-03-20 12:34:37 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

no, my mom uses them for online banking, because she once read that smth like keyloggers exist

2017-03-20 12:45:14 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

@Valkrys thats the joke. but its too funny for me to set her straight. also i dont want to interfere with the only seurity measure she takes bc that might demotivate it

2017-03-20 13:35:22 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

would googletranslate back and forth work?

2017-03-20 13:47:41 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Fake News

2017-03-20 14:14:11 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

why was there a hemp plant show off? can you order seeds from china or just because of LEDs?

2017-03-20 14:43:01 UTC [/csg/ #shit-about-asia]  

I was in Beijing 3y ago, eating my most expensive meal (beijing duck) in a restaurant. next to me were two business men smoking whilst there was an no smoking sign at their table, ashing and spitting on the ground

2017-03-20 14:43:59 UTC [/csg/ #shit-about-asia]  

that shook me already, so no going back to mainland ever

2017-03-20 15:13:33 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

i bought HD681 EVO from thomann, they re alright. plastic feels a little chinky

2017-03-20 21:04:45 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

celvin klein is the chink brand?

2017-03-20 21:05:09 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

dont buy chink clothes except for replicas or fun stuff

2017-03-20 21:05:28 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

poor quality, small sizes

2017-03-20 21:06:17 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

i bought a fake gucci cap in XL and it barely fits me (but then again I have 58cm circumference)

2017-03-20 21:23:40 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

what store sells 4-8 year old laptops?

2017-03-20 21:25:21 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

i had an E555 at work, pretty shitty

2017-03-21 10:44:17 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

probably but what do you wanna do with it? its not like this will make you high

2017-03-21 10:45:08 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

you need eat more than 250g of seeds a day to even get a chance of being tested positive for thc.

2017-03-21 19:41:28 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

try ioffer

2017-03-21 19:47:02 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

im non-us as well and bought from ioffer

2017-03-21 19:56:52 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

no autokick anymore?

2017-03-21 20:16:27 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Rolex is not civilised but trying to be rich but dont know how

2017-03-21 20:17:29 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

thats what i mean, only pretenders buy rolex, or inherited-from-dad-rich

2017-03-21 20:20:48 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Hublot <:aliOK:251417852156837888>

2017-03-22 10:25:50 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  


2017-03-22 20:21:36 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

China having a law against exporting stuff others would pay for

2017-03-22 20:21:41 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

dont be ridiculous

2017-03-22 20:22:58 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

@s3bbe what is tibentarn, google doesnt do it

2017-03-22 20:24:51 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

i bought chili seeds, they re fine

2017-03-22 20:43:10 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

@(import (srfi 151)) Know BigClive already?

2017-03-22 20:44:45 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

wouldnt say its satirical. he buys cheap crap and takes it apart. he is some kind of electrical worker

2017-03-22 20:45:32 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  
2017-03-22 21:17:18 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

damn, and I got a spyderco fake hanging at the post office

2017-03-22 21:17:41 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

i dont remember, lemme check

2017-03-22 21:18:26 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

ordinary fake, c10

2017-03-22 21:18:45 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

where did you see the new ganz collection, gearbest?

2017-03-22 22:06:54 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

>chinese shit
delet this

2017-03-22 22:06:59 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

and it most certainly is

2017-03-22 22:43:12 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

what is anti social social club?


2017-03-22 22:43:19 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

some edgy clothing line like bape and supreme?

2017-03-22 22:44:51 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

i like the cap and the selfdoubts but this anti social social club on the side makes it too edgy to actually wear it

2017-03-23 18:19:03 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

got my spyderco replica, good fake/10 would buy again

2017-03-23 20:26:19 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

a nigger in Berlin maybe? but just guessing dont quote me on that

2017-03-23 20:27:41 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

i dont know what you are doing but take it to OT pls

2017-03-23 21:30:16 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

/bst/ autism spills over into /csg/ god help

2017-03-24 17:34:24 UTC [/csg/ #shit-about-asia]  

its probably reserved for the higher party members. there must be millions of them after all

2017-03-24 17:50:05 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

why does the 64gb version have so much more write speed?

2017-03-24 21:13:33 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

910+ looks like the 707

2017-03-24 21:15:14 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

how large? 707 when closed is as long as my middle finger

2017-03-24 21:15:17 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

dont have a ruler here atm

2017-03-24 21:16:06 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

unfold length 20cm

2017-03-24 21:16:16 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

thats a good 5 cm more than 707 I'd guess

2017-03-25 13:31:01 UTC [/csg/ #shit-about-asia]  

sharks normally need a constant flow of water through their gills or they suffocate. but the gills arent that far back. But yeah, pretty barbaric. Chinks just dont have a sense for animal cruelty at all

2017-03-25 14:28:15 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

that euphoric rush when you open your postbox out of habit and there is 3 packages + a letter that another one is sitting at the post office

2017-03-25 14:28:25 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

didnt expect them all by now, just ordered 2 weeks ago

2017-03-25 19:19:49 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

the shilling bore fruit

2017-03-25 21:32:59 UTC [/csg/ #shit-about-asia]  

Humans don't feel pain then either

2017-03-25 23:17:49 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

>ywn get a girl (male) to soak a sad frog panty full of sweat and send it to you

2017-03-25 23:18:56 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

do you hoarders have anything to store your chink shit it? my desk and ikea cupboard is getting really messy

2017-03-25 23:19:13 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

i need something for all the cables and adapters I dont use regularly but _might_ need

2017-03-25 23:37:22 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

@Transience#0182 you just ordered it 5 times <:alismirk:230784726615588865>

2017-03-26 09:30:35 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

anyone bought a SNES controller from ali? I am looking at "data frog" atm

2017-03-26 09:31:54 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

its only for rpi emulation and i need two, so dont wanna spend big money

2017-03-26 09:32:09 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

8bitdo looks really good but is much more expensive

2017-03-26 09:37:17 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

@Tribit thanks I always forget the archive when looking for stuff myself

2017-03-26 10:14:09 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

thanks, on it

2017-03-26 22:48:17 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

@Lefteris i just bought a 32GiB toshiba off Amazon for 11

2017-03-26 22:48:32 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

so it is not really a "deal" in the stricter sense

2017-03-26 23:39:28 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  


2017-03-26 23:41:04 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

please 5 star to help business

2017-03-27 15:30:08 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  
2017-03-27 15:30:53 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

yes, but i cant justify to buy knife nr. 17

2017-03-27 15:31:08 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

will probably do so anyway if I feel like wasting money

2017-03-27 15:31:20 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

half of them I'd say

2017-03-27 15:33:48 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

permit, you what?

2017-03-27 15:34:21 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

err, I dont have the pictures on this PC rn

2017-03-27 15:34:41 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

but my favourites are sanrenmu 707 and a spyderco replica

2017-03-27 15:34:51 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

7010 is good too

2017-03-27 15:35:02 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

they re small fidget knifes, the san renmu ones

2017-03-27 15:36:00 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

sanrenmu is scarce on ali

2017-03-27 15:36:46 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

you want more tacticool?

2017-03-27 15:38:02 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

that gutting hook, you look like a mass murderer with that

2017-03-27 15:38:50 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

the browning ones actually look alright, quite solid and sturdy

2017-03-27 15:46:08 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

go for it then, it is just a tenner and the other anon that bought one of the Brownings didnt complain

2017-03-27 22:33:14 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

7th will be exactly 24h from what time on?

2017-03-27 22:39:26 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

there is? oh well, I see it now. i normally never scroll down

2017-03-27 22:39:48 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

that 30$ zircons guy is an excellent shitposter, gotta say that

2017-03-27 22:40:57 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

VE Monks are said to have good sound

2017-03-27 22:41:40 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

((EIAOSI for derailing the general, but not to actually listen to music))

2017-03-27 22:45:53 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

avoid heavy bass then

2017-03-27 22:46:15 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Pistons were bass heavy if I remember correctly.

2017-03-27 22:50:26 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

I stand corrected then: dont mind me

2017-03-28 08:10:42 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Getting chinked by chinks and the post office at the same time, fml

2017-03-28 08:11:48 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

I bought new rubber feet for old mbp. The feet are 1-2mm too large and therefore dont fit in the hole/pit where they should, and consequently the adhesive cannot properly stick. I attached a photo that shows that somewhat, but chinks demand a "photo with clear evidence". How am I supposed to do that?

2017-03-28 08:12:08 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Should I just threaten bad feedback?

2017-03-28 08:14:07 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

I disputed already because I was fed up, they just now messaged back

2017-03-28 15:00:35 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

@Maxumym I have Superlux 681 EVO, bought them for 29 euros

2017-03-28 15:01:18 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

also what are you talking about? it is clearly a Poppers mask as @kontroll said

2017-03-28 15:08:07 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

"not include the Rush" those chinkies

2017-03-28 18:00:48 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

well I gotta admit the chinkweed anon knows his shitposting

2017-03-28 18:02:14 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

chinkweed guy's plant isnt actually weed

2017-03-28 18:02:17 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

thats the joke

2017-03-28 18:03:14 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

http://i.4cdn.org/g/1490694748342.jpg that is not cannabis sorry mate

2017-03-28 18:05:39 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

worst case: its thymiane

2017-03-28 18:05:43 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

best case: its ordinary hemp

2017-03-28 18:06:10 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

come on, at least try not to sound underage

2017-03-28 18:06:17 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

have you ever set food in a kitchen?

2017-03-28 18:06:34 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

me neither, its a herb

2017-03-28 18:06:57 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

my bad then

2017-03-28 18:07:04 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

i probably took some strange botanic name

2017-03-28 18:11:40 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  


2017-03-28 18:39:13 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Arch-Linux-Mens-Womens-Personalized-Cotton-Printing-T-Shirt/32800573912.html just so that I dont have to mention it in every conversation, it gets tiring

2017-03-28 18:56:32 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

99c mouse ticks all the boxes

2017-03-28 20:40:19 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

the decline is imminent

2017-03-28 20:46:10 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  


2017-03-28 20:48:12 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

http://i.4cdn.org/g/1490694748342.jpg ITS THE SAME POWERBANK AND ORANGE COVER

2017-03-28 21:36:04 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  


2017-03-28 21:37:20 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

but this is chink general so ChuWi probably

2017-03-30 08:55:58 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

"from the picture, we dont see any problems.hope you can understand it, thanks"

2017-03-30 08:56:31 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

from the feedback, I can only give 1 star. hope you can understand it, thanks

2017-03-30 08:59:26 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

more like *last order

2017-03-30 08:59:27 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  


2017-03-30 09:00:42 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

pls dont destroy my edgy jokes

2017-03-30 09:00:44 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

i want to be part too

2017-03-30 09:14:04 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

@Phatique it will have that autismo-flair if you go to school/uni/work lunchbreak and make your own ramen. also your coworkers will thank you for that nice smell of glutamate

2017-03-30 10:46:16 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

@leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeebo did you go full varg and bought a german tiger legoe?

2017-03-30 10:46:39 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

thats my dream, raising a wehrabo

2017-03-30 16:39:45 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

so I got a chink package. I had a notification in my box that said it is in the post office. there, they couldnt find it and told me to call the hotline. I did, now they tell me I have to contact the sender so he can do research where the package is. What do I tell the chink? I dont even know which package it really is.

2017-03-30 17:24:31 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

FC750R or nothing

2017-03-30 17:24:32 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

fite me

2017-03-30 18:00:25 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

@Phatique tea, clay pots and optionally a thermometer

2017-03-30 19:45:17 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

so you are actually a kaaskopp but order your seeds from china?

2017-03-30 19:45:40 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

some high class autism you got going there

2017-03-30 19:46:38 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  


2017-03-30 19:48:19 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

this just confirms my suspicion. Lads, we got a real autist here

2017-03-30 19:57:23 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

well good luck there buddy

2017-03-30 20:00:15 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

dont they usually just give you good boy points?

2017-03-30 20:32:19 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  


2017-03-30 20:33:11 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

nevermind, I didnt know how much canadian loonies are

2017-03-31 10:56:18 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

we got mint guy now

2017-03-31 11:04:28 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Anime Tiddies and a Bijbel, classic

2017-03-31 11:34:22 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

that cardboard wall looks depressing

2017-03-31 11:34:27 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

im glad im not estonian

2017-03-31 11:34:28 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

biker or not

2017-03-31 11:45:15 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

@someoneunknown you can ask him here, he is pretty talkative. Arent you @0utsider ?!

2017-03-31 11:45:48 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

How is your mint doing?

2017-03-31 11:48:12 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

pretty much, he posted a photo here with the same orange cover xiaomi powerbank

2017-03-31 11:48:20 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

its in the chinkweed photos too

2017-03-31 11:48:34 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

i called him out and he deleted it quickly

2017-03-31 11:48:37 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

the slinky dude

2017-03-31 11:49:13 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

yeah, that is what is making me so sure

2017-03-31 11:49:39 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

@Tribit is on the conspiracy train ride too

2017-03-31 11:52:08 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

that is the fun part. he is dutch and has access to the best seeds in the world

2017-03-31 11:53:24 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

good lord <:alismirk:230784726615588865> true, he is confirmed mossball guy, too

2017-03-31 12:00:52 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

2 PCs + a server? what is going on. does he sit on the ground?

2017-03-31 12:02:02 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

he looks like a wise man

2017-03-31 12:40:48 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

what should it say?

2017-03-31 12:40:51 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

its a jew website

2017-03-31 12:41:05 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

they just sell you aliexpress shit with a profit

2017-03-31 16:46:40 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

2 cheap chink SNES controllers

2017-03-31 16:46:48 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

7th deals saved me a whopping 10 cents

2017-03-31 16:50:42 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  



2017-03-31 21:02:53 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

50 units of server racks

2017-03-31 21:03:17 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

holy weeb

2017-04-01 09:52:03 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

@0utsider the lighting is really fucking close to your mint. or is it just the angle of the picture? it might burn it. give it like 20cm space inbetween

2017-04-01 09:53:37 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

but the left one looks like an ordinary bulb

2017-04-01 10:08:12 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

light then, only outside if sunny

2017-04-01 16:35:38 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

ordinary poppy does not produce opium

2017-04-01 18:25:25 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  


2017-04-01 18:25:42 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

he doesnt even care. typical bong

2017-04-01 18:27:26 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

>Who doesn't have windows on their toilets
>Literally is your toilet the middle of a honeycomb maze

2017-04-01 18:27:31 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

hits too close to home

2017-04-01 19:44:30 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  


2017-04-01 19:44:54 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

@Archy it was never meant to provide information for you

2017-04-01 21:40:20 UTC [/csg/ #shit-about-asia]  

what is it with nicolas cage?

2017-04-01 21:42:58 UTC [/csg/ #shit-about-asia]  

is this some next level torture?

2017-04-01 22:33:42 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

windaticas one is much cheaper

2017-04-01 22:34:41 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

they dont go under 200 maos on taobao https://world.taobao.com/item/546963511743.htm#detail
better get a fake one

2017-04-01 22:35:23 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

go with ebay then

2017-04-01 22:36:10 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

@Windatica just linked one for 10 bucks

2017-04-01 22:36:23 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

also the real deal is 15 Euro in EU amazon

2017-04-03 10:10:33 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

so racist

2017-04-03 12:04:52 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

@tranny post cute programming socks

2017-04-03 13:23:15 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

I disputed an item, and provided photo proof. Chink said "Photo looks fine". So I rejected his no-refund offer. Has he got 5 days now to respond or what is next step? This is my first ever dispute, thats why dumb questions

2017-04-03 13:25:44 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

@kontroll dispute is "still in progress". I wait for the chink overlords to step in then.

2017-04-03 13:25:47 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  


2017-04-03 13:29:15 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

"You rich, yet?"

2017-04-03 14:43:41 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

then you will move on to silicone

2017-04-03 15:28:19 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

@kontroll they're shit but you got not other choice really

2017-04-03 15:28:31 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

the smallest decent one starts at like 7k

2017-04-03 15:30:00 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

i worked for laser cutter/engraver company

2017-04-03 15:30:28 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

It's not worth it buying chinese machines for businesses because even the good ones break regularly and you need the service

2017-04-03 15:31:01 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

but privately, you aint got no choice besides chinese machines except you re rich and feel like wasting money

2017-04-03 15:31:33 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

@kontroll what do you mean get business?

2017-04-03 15:32:36 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

i dunno, i sold the machines to businesses <:aliOK:251417852156837888>

2017-04-03 15:33:40 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

mostly its big business that buy the engravers to mark their own shit with serials

2017-04-03 15:33:54 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

what I can gather from seeing the chinese ones on gearbest and co I can say they look hella unsafe

2017-04-03 15:34:17 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

the big chinky machines already werent really what you can consider safe

2017-04-03 15:34:24 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

but i mean, laser can really fuck shit up

2017-04-03 15:34:27 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

we talking 300W +

2017-04-03 15:34:52 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

one stream of light goes astray and boom, eyesight gone

2017-04-03 15:35:19 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

oh okay, they go so small already

2017-04-03 15:35:25 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

it has been some years since I done it

2017-04-03 15:35:30 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

smallest i sold was 50w

2017-04-03 15:35:53 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

only if you re russian obviously

2017-04-03 15:35:59 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

you need to lack common sense

2017-04-03 15:36:45 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

try it then, but dont do it at home. housefire guaranteed

2017-04-03 21:41:12 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

@Definitely Legit KingDian is pretty solid, they re not as fast as Evos or therelike. on the other hand, chink SSDs arent that much cheaper anymore than they used to be last year

2017-04-03 21:49:27 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

they re not that much apart anyway, its maybe 10bucks

2017-04-04 20:35:17 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

@crh nearly all of my gearbest shit got pulled by customs as opposed to ali orders. not that this would concern you being a pole

2017-04-04 20:36:00 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

only 1 time

2017-04-04 20:36:11 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

but I had to go to customs office and unwrap it

2017-04-04 20:36:23 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

they didnt believe the chink invoicep

2017-04-04 20:37:46 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

customs inside EU?

2017-04-04 20:37:53 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

i thought it is only outside

2017-04-04 20:38:59 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

well, good luck then to go undetected. and if they pull it, hopefully they believe the chinky invoice. Gearbest always gives a fake amount

2017-04-04 20:41:52 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

when in doubt, just bring a wyborowa to the customs office

2017-04-04 21:01:37 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

being half white is like being non-white

2017-04-04 21:14:48 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

if I read this I feel ashamed to have ever smoked the tiniest bit. In China, you would rod in jail until you are ready to voluntarily go to Education Camp to become a valuable citizen of the grand nation.

2017-04-05 22:59:31 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

http://v.yupoo.com/contact/ncxiefu/ so how do does chinky fakers work? do I message them with what I want?

2017-04-05 22:59:50 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

those oakley replicas look good

2017-04-05 23:24:32 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

have you got a better source for good chinky sunglasses? somehow I dont trust the chinky brands on aliexpress

2017-04-05 23:28:13 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

cleverly posed frog holding down its skirt

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