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2019-07-08 07:58:54 UTC  

nope, nothing to see here...just an 'earthquake' in a nation we're on the verge of 'war' with

2019-07-08 07:59:33 UTC  

that just so happens to be in the location of where oil was first discovered in iran

2019-07-08 09:49:31 UTC  

ok, first...non epstein flood -

2019-07-08 09:59:48 UTC  

i think i'll just shove the q-related epstein stuff to q-general from now on

2019-07-08 10:00:36 UTC the china lake stuff in there now

2019-07-08 13:39:30 UTC  

Might be BS but I found this on half Chan early this morning...

2019-07-08 13:39:37 UTC

2019-07-08 13:39:41 UTC

2019-07-08 13:40:21 UTC  

Again more than likely crap but figured I’d throw it up

2019-07-08 13:40:31 UTC  

I’m curious why they released this now, maybe as cover for trying to tamper the Epstein news? Will POTUS bite and tweet about it and further detract or let it go. Additionally, why would the ambassador use “secret cables” to send terminator references to his friends?

2019-07-08 14:04:51 UTC  

Who cares about some ambassador from a nation that doesn't like us?

2019-07-08 14:05:03 UTC  

It's like saying water is wet

2019-07-08 14:08:40 UTC  

100% Just taking up a sentence in the endless news cycle to distract from the real news like Epstein.

2019-07-08 14:10:18 UTC  

Here’s the indictment 👆

2019-07-08 14:17:38 UTC  

Does make reference to an employee who helped him and then goes on to name two other employees as Employee 2 and Employer 3. No mention of Employee 1.

2019-07-08 14:19:24 UTC  

Indictment is short. Mentions the same thing in two locations; New York Residence and West Palm Residence. There it’s alleged that Epstein procured girls as young as 14 to give him massages partially or fully nude and were then paid hundreds of dollars and encouraged to find other underage girls

2019-07-08 14:19:36 UTC  

Very similar to Weinstein’s MO

2019-07-08 14:21:13 UTC  

MSNBC has Emily Farkas on TV right now

2019-07-08 14:25:12 UTC  

Emily Farkas now works as a fellow at the Atlantic Council

2019-07-08 14:25:22 UTC  

Funny so does James Clapper

2019-07-08 14:25:44 UTC  

Crowdstrike is tech support for the Atlantic Council

2019-07-08 14:27:34 UTC  

ok, sending over today's updates first

2019-07-08 14:29:05 UTC  

14 or so pages worth