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2019-08-18 18:25:39 UTC  

@Deleted User Do you think there is more land outside of Antarctic like admiral Byrd said so or was he a fraud?

2019-08-18 18:26:14 UTC  

I think it's getting smaller

2019-08-18 18:27:32 UTC  

I thought the actual debate was taking place here, though.

2019-08-18 18:27:39 UTC  

@Seeker of Truth hey seeker wanna join loftus now? We only need 42 more people to be considered a world religion :)

2019-08-18 18:27:39 UTC  

Welcome to the Ice Wall!

2019-08-18 18:29:02 UTC  

@rivenator12113 stay tuned

2019-08-18 18:29:11 UTC  


2019-08-18 18:30:43 UTC  

sheeple talk to us

2019-08-18 18:30:52 UTC  

Hey sheeple will your parents be watching

2019-08-18 18:30:52 UTC  

Welcome to the Ice Wall!

2019-08-18 18:31:17 UTC  

hello all

2019-08-18 18:31:22 UTC  

hey dude

2019-08-18 18:31:26 UTC  

you good ?

2019-08-18 18:31:31 UTC  


2019-08-18 18:31:41 UTC  

known by a fair amount of people that are already here

2019-08-18 18:31:41 UTC  

allright big guy

2019-08-18 18:31:45 UTC  

showin up for the debate

2019-08-18 18:32:02 UTC  

In prep for this debate I have put my NASA merch shirt on

2019-08-18 18:32:12 UTC  


2019-08-18 18:32:17 UTC  

all the feds tuned in for the debate

2019-08-18 18:32:36 UTC  

@solarstan yt I had to trash my NASA socks rip

2019-08-18 18:32:46 UTC  

Can't wear a satanic cult

2019-08-18 18:34:21 UTC  

@^Kevin^ hey, currently dont have access to a mic

2019-08-18 18:34:21 UTC  

Welcome to the Ice Wall!

2019-08-18 18:39:22 UTC  

@Deleted User @Citizen Z can i be verified without giving my proofs

2019-08-18 18:39:26 UTC  

you guys know what im about

2019-08-18 18:40:35 UTC  

30 mins to debate

2019-08-18 18:40:39 UTC  
2019-08-18 18:41:21 UTC  

Cant wait for the debate

2019-08-18 18:43:11 UTC  

how long till the debate

2019-08-18 18:43:22 UTC  


2019-08-18 18:43:22 UTC  

Sheeple, how do I invite my friend to the discord

2019-08-18 18:45:05 UTC  

Let's add a live show audience in the same chat to clap and cheer to make the debate seem more interesting f

2019-08-18 18:46:20 UTC  

requires push to talk yet we can hear every letter this guy types

2019-08-18 18:46:38 UTC  

@Pabl0_Escobar they posted an invite link in <#484513001626664972> you can also use the invite link in the message sheeple sent

2019-08-18 18:46:56 UTC  

Vaccines are cool

2019-08-18 18:47:02 UTC  


2019-08-18 18:47:18 UTC  

This is big

2019-08-18 18:47:52 UTC  

Vaccines are bad, make your kids stronger and put them in the woods alone to hunt. Vaccines makes them weaker by giving them white cells then making them develop it naturally.

2019-08-18 18:48:32 UTC  

*baahs like a sheep cause id rather live than have smallpox bc im not a dumbass*

2019-08-18 18:48:40 UTC  

Based and Genghis Khan pilled