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Yall like the soviet anthem over it? bretty driggering

2017-04-02 01:37:14 UTC  

@skeleton-jelly Way to go man

2017-04-02 01:37:47 UTC  

Dis bideo mages me fuggin REEEEE

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Added undefined to the queue.

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kek, this is perfect. #SlavLyfe

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>Show video to a friend

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>Told me he is a Anarchists

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Help me, I am dying.

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The fuck is that shit?

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My sides are in orbit

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@Dangerlurking Do you know that cuck?

2017-04-02 02:12:44 UTC  

It is on a communist "about me" channel.

2017-04-02 02:12:58 UTC  

der untermensch

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Jose Antonio Vargas is on the run from ICE

2017-04-02 02:13:13 UTC  

this is the best timeline

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@Lord Joe If I am correct isn't the best way possible to avoid gun fire to zig zag unpredictably and to get to low visibility areas such as woods?

2017-04-02 02:18:16 UTC  

How does this even work?

2017-04-02 02:18:49 UTC  

shes asking the same question

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@Geesus-HI >When you want to be transgender but you get thrown off a roof instead

2017-04-02 02:21:27 UTC  

lmfao the fake antifa accounts are so effective

2017-04-02 02:26:48 UTC  

that ones mine

2017-04-02 02:27:07 UTC  

haha the jokes write themselves

2017-04-02 02:32:02 UTC  

So I just had this argument with this sheep. It went like this, I said that who do you support, then he said he hated all goverment because it's bad. So I said, "Okay so you're an Anarchist." And he said, "Lol no i am not." So I went on and explaining why and soon he gotten mad and brought Trump into it and pointed that he is bad, racist, sexist, etc, all because he is a buinessman. From that point forward I thought to myself, are people really this stupid? Was the Jew blame for this? Why are people just so dumb these days? You cant have a civil population without order, it just doesn't work nor will be, and also to add, he said that he willl be under Socialism. I just wanted to give him a Helicopter ride.

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What is life anymore

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is that for me?

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oh, i typed in the wrong chat

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you and my friend alex both have putin avatars