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2018-07-07 13:39:21 UTC  

Kim kong said his meeting with pompeo was

2018-07-07 13:39:34 UTC  


2018-07-07 13:39:43 UTC  

and that he was met with "robber-like demands"

2018-07-07 13:39:51 UTC  

so theyre calling drumpf a dotard

2018-07-07 13:39:58 UTC  

because one meeting mightve went wrong

2018-07-07 13:41:32 UTC  

lmao actually most people here are not fuck our "leaders"

2018-07-07 13:42:10 UTC  

waaaaa we're gonna have to defend ourselves

2018-07-07 13:42:15 UTC  

defend us daddy drump

2018-07-07 13:42:26 UTC  

we're just little babies who cry all the time

2018-07-07 13:42:27 UTC  


2018-07-07 13:42:30 UTC  

anyone who thinks russia invades on day 1 of us troops going home is so fucking brain dead I'm not sure how they can breathe

2018-07-07 13:43:06 UTC  

example: mccain

2018-07-07 13:43:09 UTC  

"increasingly worried [Trump] is going to do things not based on what’s in the best interest … but based solely on his vision of ‘America First.’” HAHAHAHA get fucked merkelites

2018-07-07 13:43:21 UTC  

he probably thinks that and he cant breath

2018-07-07 13:44:59 UTC  

boi am I glad to be anglo with a yank dad so I don't act like every cunt in this country who loves nogs like sadiq khan and hates Trump

2018-07-07 13:45:20 UTC

2018-07-07 13:47:23 UTC  

r u actually a BRIT

2018-07-07 13:49:56 UTC  


2018-07-07 13:53:02 UTC  

**🅱rexit means 🅱rexit**

2018-07-07 13:53:09 UTC

2018-07-07 13:54:01 UTC  


2018-07-07 13:55:13 UTC  

So I drank coffee, gave my dog a bath, and just finished up working on my brakes. How you guys morning going

2018-07-07 13:56:15 UTC  

good just had steak, chips and beer

2018-07-07 13:56:58 UTC  

Getting food in the ethnostate

2018-07-07 13:57:23 UTC  

w e w

2018-07-07 13:57:41 UTC  

so how did the autistic raid go on nicks show?

2018-07-07 13:57:56 UTC  

was it a complete shitshow or did nick handle them?

2018-07-07 13:58:03 UTC  

Who raided him

2018-07-07 13:58:06 UTC  


2018-07-07 13:58:09 UTC  


2018-07-07 13:58:19 UTC  

eceleb death squad

2018-07-07 13:58:24 UTC

2018-07-07 13:58:35 UTC  

cooked a roast chicken, stripped the flesh off and plated what i didn't eat, used the bones/carcass to make a stock with the bones of 4 other chicken roasts i'd frozen. now i'm making veggie soup with the stock . night's still young. england plays sweden at world cup

2018-07-07 13:58:40 UTC  


2018-07-07 13:58:47 UTC  

I'm cozy boomer

2018-07-07 13:58:50 UTC  

thats my girl

2018-07-07 13:59:00 UTC  

I went kayaking around a bay

2018-07-07 13:59:05 UTC  


2018-07-07 13:59:05 UTC  

My dog had a playdate