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2018-07-11 13:08:46 UTC  

But to can tell he wants to say more lol

2018-07-11 13:08:49 UTC  

I think anyway

2018-07-11 13:09:22 UTC  

I get that too, on Tuesday he touched on it

2018-07-11 13:09:27 UTC  

cant even comment

2018-07-11 13:09:33 UTC  

But only mentioned it

2018-07-11 13:09:45 UTC  

Could these dummies stop larping as Nazis so we can rebrand ideal already

2018-07-11 13:09:58 UTC

2018-07-11 13:10:01 UTC  

"we have banned the sharing of this video"

2018-07-11 13:10:02 UTC  

I can comment

2018-07-11 13:10:17 UTC  

Dummies still think they can kill ideas

2018-07-11 13:10:20 UTC  

Is that a good movie?

2018-07-11 13:10:29 UTC  

Worth a watch for sure

2018-07-11 13:10:29 UTC  


2018-07-11 13:10:33 UTC  

It's definitely worth the watch

2018-07-11 13:10:49 UTC  

Nazism is gay af but maybe I'll give it a watch

2018-07-11 13:10:56 UTC  

Break it up into like 3 sittings

2018-07-11 13:11:15 UTC  

If we can rebrand sone of these ideals we might be able to shift America eventually

2018-07-11 13:11:54 UTC  

I said Nazism is gay until I saw the video

2018-07-11 13:12:04 UTC  

@Freign what do you mean by nazism

2018-07-11 13:12:06 UTC  

The first half anyway

2018-07-11 13:12:18 UTC  

Nobody here cares about the swastika. We've lost that symbol

2018-07-11 13:12:28 UTC  

I think we all agree that's a losing fight not even close to worth it.

2018-07-11 13:12:32 UTC  

Could be wrong

2018-07-11 13:12:50 UTC  

Just create a new symbol either way

2018-07-11 13:12:55 UTC  


2018-07-11 13:12:57 UTC  

Too much history

2018-07-11 13:13:02 UTC  

I like it, but it's got too much connotation

2018-07-11 13:13:25 UTC  

It's very anesthetic, much of what the Nazis did was

2018-07-11 13:13:38 UTC  

Aesthetic lmao

2018-07-11 13:13:38 UTC  

the rule of cool

2018-07-11 13:13:42 UTC  

Even if it was accepted the stigma around it would be horrible because of the past use

2018-07-11 13:13:56 UTC  

Best uniforms I've ever seen TBH

2018-07-11 13:13:59 UTC  

My phone is a brainlet. Doesn't recognize the word aesthetic

2018-07-11 13:14:07 UTC  

By nazism I mean National Socialism

2018-07-11 13:14:19 UTC  

It would be gay in America right now

2018-07-11 13:14:23 UTC  

Because it's impossible

2018-07-11 13:14:28 UTC  

With multiculturalism

2018-07-11 13:14:51 UTC  

Can't have national socialism when half the country hates itself

2018-07-11 13:14:56 UTC  

i dont think it will work in america

2018-07-11 13:14:57 UTC  

I could admire how many parts of it, but I can't say I support ethnic cleansing