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Are the rules of Christianity the thing that allowed the jews to dominate. Did it make them fill niches that made them dominate because Christians couldnt fill them.

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christcucks btfo

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The rules of Christianity are largely reflective of Natural Law (as God is the one that created nature)

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kek no

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St. Thomas of Aquinas goes in depth greatly on this

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the bible denies race faggot

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>the bible denies race

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jesus says race doesnt exist

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>the canaanites are the same as the israelites, etc

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there are no greeks nor jews

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literally, low effort bait posting

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jesus wasnt even siegepilled bro

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jesus didnt wear a skullmask

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woden did

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Seige is a meme everwhere lol

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Modernism, Materialism, Decadent Comfort; these and related things allowed for subversion and further destruction to set in

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lol gay

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materialism is fascist as fuck faggot

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>brainlet pagans convert across europe
>jews dominate because of your religions dumb rules
>the niche they occupy is necessary for a healthy,and strong nation
>jews experience the pressures of that niche
>get angry
>get btfoed

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The least serious man alive

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pretty much

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were not in serious chat

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therefor baitposting

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Lending money in a way that gives you useful returns (and possibly control) is actually really hard

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Especially back in the day

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Usury is a sin and beyond that it is unethical

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interest isnt that complicated

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But on the other hand jewish genetics changed alot because they kept getting kicked out of countries

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one factor remained

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But they built a culture around the niche they could occupy

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It was cancerous yes

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But it was caused by rules that could have been relaxed

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yeah pretty much

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but were here now and jews gotta go