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2018-06-09 14:05:06 UTC  

To answer the question: No, not chiefly. Two big reasons IMO:
- “can’t criticize Jews or you’re anti Semitic” effect. Allows you to get away with a lot
- Highest average IQ among Jews

2018-06-09 14:05:57 UTC  

Also Jewish culture has great teachings on business and money. Survivors of constant persecution throughout history make them ambitious by default as a culture, too.

2018-06-09 14:08:55 UTC  

The truth is the Jews want everyone to think their masterminding everything. It's part of their scheme.

2018-06-09 14:09:20 UTC  

They’re in top positions everywhere. But still no proof there’s a Jewish conspiracy of some sort

2018-06-09 14:13:43 UTC  

Lol what if the plan is just to help white people succeed how cucked would those white supremacists be.

2018-06-09 16:45:16 UTC  

>let's help whites by destroying their race

2018-06-09 16:45:32 UTC  


2018-06-09 16:46:11 UTC  

the bible hates the jews, it is subversion that has them where they are today

2018-06-09 16:46:57 UTC  

as for the don't be a doormat thing, ironically that's part of the actual meaning of turn the other cheek

2018-06-09 16:52:05 UTC  

who cares about the bible really though

2018-06-09 16:52:33 UTC  

supposedly Christians

2018-06-09 16:52:57 UTC  

their just jews with extra steps

2018-06-09 16:55:37 UTC  

they are opposites on everything

2018-06-09 16:56:14 UTC  

jesus was a jew so followers of a jew are jews with extra steps change my mind.

2018-06-09 16:56:26 UTC  

revelations 3:9

2018-06-09 16:57:01 UTC  

I dont speak bible

2018-06-09 16:58:13 UTC  

the jews of today are not true jews but rather they are the sons and daughters of their father, Satan

2018-06-09 16:59:23 UTC  

At least their not jews

2018-06-09 16:59:31 UTC  

the Pharisees had moved after the diaspora and taught their satanic kabballah to others

2018-06-09 16:59:58 UTC  

those who follow it are talmudists and are amongst those we now call jews

2018-06-09 17:00:07 UTC  

Satanists are the core problem

2018-06-09 17:00:10 UTC  

prove me wrong

2018-06-09 17:00:27 UTC  

Satanists are a meme

2018-06-09 17:00:37 UTC  

And you have imaginary friends

2018-06-09 17:01:00 UTC  

>ignores literal satanists and occultists to propagate in his degrading world

2018-06-09 17:02:00 UTC  

The only people degrading the world are religious zealots communists and fascists

2018-06-09 17:03:14 UTC  

communists, satanists, consumerists, globalist, moral relativists

2018-06-09 17:03:46 UTC  

See fascism is a form of moral reletivism

2018-06-09 17:04:01 UTC  

fascism is an absolutist ideology

2018-06-09 17:04:11 UTC  

it believes in one moral perspective derived from nature

2018-06-09 17:05:16 UTC  

Nature doesn't have morals nature is survival of the fittest so fascists are literally animals

2018-06-09 17:05:49 UTC  

humans are literally animals, so good logic

2018-06-09 17:05:56 UTC  

also, nature has more laws

2018-06-09 17:06:08 UTC  

the laws of nature are easy to derive

2018-06-09 17:06:38 UTC  

What sets us apart from animalist tendencies is civility denying rights to any group is hardly cival

2018-06-09 17:06:44 UTC  

because violations result in punishments

2018-06-09 17:07:07 UTC  

you've redefined civility to match modern terms

2018-06-09 17:07:30 UTC  

besides your understanding of fascist beliefs is shallow

2018-06-09 17:07:34 UTC  

Civility is redifined with each generation as language is

2018-06-09 17:07:47 UTC  

that is the embodiment of moral relativism

2018-06-09 17:08:10 UTC  

Not really considering libertarian morals haven't changed in over 60 years