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2018-06-11 23:40:57 UTC  

"So to you guys who are not for the racialist perspective, are you okay with us whites having our own state for whites only? It will be peacefully made and ran."
Yeah, definitely

2018-06-11 23:41:01 UTC  

Japan does it too

2018-06-11 23:41:12 UTC  

Have never been to Japan.

2018-06-11 23:41:15 UTC  

I'd be interested in an anarcho-capitalist state with relatively open borders

2018-06-11 23:41:19 UTC  

Just to see how it works

2018-06-11 23:41:24 UTC  

supply and demand judging how many people want to come in

2018-06-11 23:41:27 UTC  

and come in and succeed, or die without resources

2018-06-11 23:41:30 UTC  

@Ultimus, now we can carry out our collective best interest and have a government, culture, and way of life that is best suited for the interest of all whites as best as possible.

2018-06-11 23:41:43 UTC  

And we leave the rest to die?

2018-06-11 23:42:02 UTC  


2018-06-11 23:42:16 UTC  

we need to stop aid to africa

2018-06-11 23:42:19 UTC  

it's wasted money

2018-06-11 23:42:21 UTC  

you are a vile human being if you believe that

2018-06-11 23:42:29 UTC  

@Ultimus, *no*.
It's like having your own house: *you not letting in Hobo John Riley doesn't mean you can't help via some charity and aid*.

2018-06-11 23:42:31 UTC  

I am a vile human being then

2018-06-11 23:42:49 UTC  

We evolved differently, why not help those who didn't evolve to our "superiority" instead of using them as slaves for our bidding?

2018-06-11 23:43:12 UTC  

Why not support what could be considered one of our own if you really look at it?

2018-06-11 23:43:42 UTC  

because ites what the jews want lolol jk

2018-06-11 23:44:03 UTC  


2018-06-11 23:44:08 UTC  

I think stopping the brain drain would help a lot (stop stealing all the smart people from countries like Africa who would be entrepeneurs, inventors, etc)

2018-06-11 23:44:09 UTC  

Jews are evil

2018-06-11 23:44:11 UTC  

I see no issue with enlightenment to others. I teach my peers things all the time, helping them become somewhat as proficient as I am.

2018-06-11 23:44:38 UTC  

@Ultimus, I'm not making a case of superiority. I'm making the case for group sovereignty. And I'm not for slavery. But like I said, you can help one another, but that doesn't mean I have to be their friends.

2018-06-11 23:44:42 UTC  

and .. well, there's a lot of money to be made in africa if you want to help

2018-06-11 23:44:48 UTC  

and you want to go there and be an entrepeneur

2018-06-11 23:44:53 UTC  

and navigate the politics and bribing you'll have to do

2018-06-11 23:44:54 UTC  

I ask this to @Roman Dmowski, not you. @Deleted User

2018-06-11 23:44:55 UTC  

well I don't

2018-06-11 23:45:03 UTC  

Sorry for the misinterpretation.

2018-06-11 23:45:06 UTC  

helping in Africa is a waste

2018-06-11 23:45:07 UTC  

@Ultimus, sorry. My apologies.

2018-06-11 23:45:08 UTC  

and np

2018-06-11 23:45:36 UTC  

The overabundance of government charity doesn't really fix things longterm, unfortunately

2018-06-11 23:45:41 UTC  

blind charity doesn't work

2018-06-11 23:45:42 UTC  

@Logicpoints, what evidence would you need to see to believe that group differences in IQ are heritable?

2018-06-11 23:45:44 UTC  

blind charity enables stupidity

2018-06-11 23:45:45 UTC  

LPs point is less about race and more immagratin

2018-06-11 23:45:53 UTC  

I already know they are @Deleted User

2018-06-11 23:46:16 UTC  

@Logicpoints, then why are you not a supporter of European-American separation?

2018-06-11 23:46:21 UTC  

Charity doesn't seem to work.

2018-06-11 23:46:36 UTC  

Why should we stop aiding Africa?