Message from ToastyTerrorist in Red Storm Official #california

2018-07-10 10:40:17 UTC  

Michigan, Florida, Texas, North Carolina, Arizona, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Pennsylvania.

2018-07-10 10:40:25 UTC  

We need men in those states.

2018-07-10 11:05:27 UTC  

Proximity to other states don't exactly mean they'll be swung...

2018-07-10 11:05:28 UTC  

๐Ÿ†™ | **ToastyTerrorist leveled up!**

2018-07-10 11:18:17 UTC  

Colorado swung due to its bright economic prospects attracting Californian liberals, in addition to the massive Hispanic immigratiom from Mexico.

2018-07-10 11:18:41 UTC  

Vermont became hard blue due to NYC migrants.

2018-07-10 11:19:42 UTC  

There's extensive precedent for proximity to big blue states causing swing behaviour in red states.

2018-07-10 11:20:23 UTC  

That isn't always the case, though. There's a reason republican strongholds in California are republican strongholds.

2018-07-10 11:21:42 UTC  

But they're rapidly dying. OC for the first time since the 30's flipped.

2018-07-10 11:22:22 UTC  

Likewise several other traditional GOP trenches in CA.

2018-07-10 11:22:41 UTC  

Look at all the OC reps.

2018-07-10 11:22:45 UTC  

All purple.

2018-07-10 11:23:11 UTC  

Are you looking at this, or something?

2018-07-10 11:23:57 UTC  

Because people add in "moderate" to make it look like they're sort of blue

2018-07-10 11:24:07 UTC  

I've got the most likely division on my computer but I'm in bed rn.

2018-07-10 11:24:17 UTC  

I'll post when on comp.

2018-07-10 11:24:21 UTC  

They make it look purple to conceal the fact that these are actually republican counties

2018-07-10 11:24:50 UTC  

Hispanics will flip them in less than eight years.

2018-07-10 11:26:48 UTC  

Need I remind you, the counties indicated by these green circles control the entire state. California was always a RED state until 1992 when San Fransisco became huge.

2018-07-10 11:27:57 UTC  

Dividing the state where red counties can control their own election would be a boost to the GOP population here in California.

2018-07-10 11:31:38 UTC  

But as of right now, there's too many people concentrated in two liberal areas for there to be a fair election.

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2018-07-10 16:35:13 UTC  

Molan Labe

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@Winston Go post your server in the <#411277359958720513> channel.

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Hey fellow californian

2018-07-27 23:14:33 UTC  

Hey man.

2018-07-28 02:01:27 UTC  

Good to have the gang all back

2018-07-28 05:00:34 UTC  

@Winston Likewise Winston :)

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2018-07-30 22:36:37 UTC  

Proud Boys

2018-07-30 22:36:40 UTC  

You mean Proud Gays

2018-07-30 22:37:15 UTC  

What do they get out of this?

2018-07-30 22:39:13 UTC  

Idk exactly, but they did a good job in Portland.

2018-07-30 22:40:33 UTC  

Seeing that fat guy in that Kekistan Shit made me cringe so hard

2018-07-30 22:50:16 UTC  

Making California into a Maine/Nebraska-type state would be wonderful.

2018-07-30 22:52:23 UTC  

What does that mean lol

2018-07-30 22:57:11 UTC  

Yeah I'm confused