Message from Augustus in The Right Server #polls

2020-03-28 17:11:08 UTC  

**Are you currently self-isolating due to the coronavirus?**

2020-03-28 17:11:14 UTC  

**Is someone you know infected with the coronavirus?**

2020-03-28 17:11:23 UTC  

**Looking into the future, do you think that coronavirus could have a major impact on November’s Presidential Election?**

2020-03-28 17:11:30 UTC  

**Do you think it is likely that coronavirus will introduce new ways of living and doing things that we will fully adopt even after the pandemic comes to an end?**

2020-03-28 17:12:27 UTC  

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2020-03-29 21:41:40 UTC  

**Are you infected with the coronavirus?**

2020-03-29 21:41:49 UTC  

**Do the airlines industries deserve to be bailed out?**

2020-03-29 21:42:03 UTC  

**The majority of US airliners have wasted their funds on buying back shares leaving little money left to counter the current economic crash - Should the US reward this irresponsible spending by bailing them out?**

2020-03-29 21:42:11 UTC  

**Should Sen. Richard Burr resign for selling off millions of dollar's worth of stocks just before the market dropped?**

2020-03-29 21:42:18 UTC  

**Should Trump forgive all federal student loan interest instead of sending debtors a cash stimulus?**

2020-03-29 21:43:55 UTC  

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2020-04-06 22:55:40 UTC  

**Is the ongoing pandemic making you feel depressed now?**

2020-04-06 22:55:47 UTC  

**Do you think Donald Trump should lockdown the entirety of the US?**

2020-04-06 22:55:56 UTC  

**Are you supportive of Trump’s actions in defending the economy during the pandemic, as it stands?**

2020-04-06 22:56:46 UTC  

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2020-04-08 22:10:08 UTC  

**Now with Sanders out of the race, do you think Biden will get the nomination?**

2020-04-08 22:10:16 UTC  

**Is it better for Trump that Bernie Sanders failed to get the Democratic nomination?**

2020-04-08 22:10:21 UTC  

**Do you think that the Bernie voters have finally learned to fall in with the party-line?**

2020-04-08 22:10:29 UTC  

**If the NYC mayor, Cuomo, is nominated instead of Biden, do you think he will run?**

2020-04-08 22:10:37 UTC  

**If Cuomo actually did run, would he be trouble for Trump?**

2020-04-08 22:11:20 UTC  

@everyone Please vote in the above polls.

2020-04-13 19:54:18 UTC  

**The Wisconsin Republicans went ahead with the state’s Primary last Tuesday (which was upheld by the courts) despite the coronavirus outbreak. Do you think this will have a bad outcome?**

2020-04-13 19:54:29 UTC  

**Some countries such as Austria, Denmark and South Korea have begun lifting restrictions aimed at containing the coronavirus after positive results. Do you think it is too early to begin removing restrictions?**