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2020-03-28 17:11:08 UTC [The Right Server #polls]  

**Are you currently self-isolating due to the coronavirus?**

2020-03-28 17:11:14 UTC [The Right Server #polls]  

**Is someone you know infected with the coronavirus?**

2020-03-28 17:11:23 UTC [The Right Server #polls]  

**Looking into the future, do you think that coronavirus could have a major impact on Novemberโ€™s Presidential Election?**

2020-03-28 17:11:30 UTC [The Right Server #polls]  

**Do you think it is likely that coronavirus will introduce new ways of living and doing things that we will fully adopt even after the pandemic comes to an end?**

2020-03-29 21:41:40 UTC [The Right Server #polls]  

**Are you infected with the coronavirus?**

2020-03-29 21:41:49 UTC [The Right Server #polls]  

**Do the airlines industries deserve to be bailed out?**

2020-03-29 21:42:03 UTC [The Right Server #polls]  

**The majority of US airliners have wasted their funds on buying back shares leaving little money left to counter the current economic crash - Should the US reward this irresponsible spending by bailing them out?**

2020-03-29 21:42:11 UTC [The Right Server #polls]  

**Should Sen. Richard Burr resign for selling off millions of dollar's worth of stocks just before the market dropped?**

2020-03-29 21:42:18 UTC [The Right Server #polls]  

**Should Trump forgive all federal student loan interest instead of sending debtors a cash stimulus?**

2020-04-06 22:55:40 UTC [The Right Server #polls]  

**Is the ongoing pandemic making you feel depressed now?**

2020-04-06 22:55:47 UTC [The Right Server #polls]  

**Do you think Donald Trump should lockdown the entirety of the US?**

2020-04-06 22:55:56 UTC [The Right Server #polls]  

**Are you supportive of Trumpโ€™s actions in defending the economy during the pandemic, as it stands?**

2020-04-08 22:10:08 UTC [The Right Server #polls]  

**Now with Sanders out of the race, do you think Biden will get the nomination?**

2020-04-08 22:10:16 UTC [The Right Server #polls]  

**Is it better for Trump that Bernie Sanders failed to get the Democratic nomination?**

2020-04-08 22:10:21 UTC [The Right Server #polls]  

**Do you think that the Bernie voters have finally learned to fall in with the party-line?**

2020-04-08 22:10:29 UTC [The Right Server #polls]  

**If the NYC mayor, Cuomo, is nominated instead of Biden, do you think he will run?**

2020-04-08 22:10:37 UTC [The Right Server #polls]  

**If Cuomo actually did run, would he be trouble for Trump?**

2020-04-13 19:54:18 UTC [The Right Server #polls]  

**The Wisconsin Republicans went ahead with the stateโ€™s Primary last Tuesday (which was upheld by the courts) despite the coronavirus outbreak. Do you think this will have a bad outcome?**

2020-04-13 19:54:29 UTC [The Right Server #polls]  

**Some countries such as Austria, Denmark and South Korea have begun lifting restrictions aimed at containing the coronavirus after positive results. Do you think it is too early to begin removing restrictions?**

2020-04-13 19:54:39 UTC [The Right Server #polls]  

**Have you been financially hurt either directly or indirectly due to the Coronavirus?**

2020-04-15 22:19:47 UTC [The Right Server #polls]  

**Do you agree with Trumpโ€™s decision to defund the WHO?**

2020-04-15 22:19:54 UTC [The Right Server #polls]  

**Is the WHO too biased towards China, as Trump claims?**

2020-04-15 22:20:03 UTC [The Right Server #polls]  

**Was Trumpโ€™s reaction to the Coronavirus too slow?**

2020-04-15 22:20:12 UTC [The Right Server #polls]  

**Do you think that the Chinese Government is covering up the true severity of the coronavirus in China?**

2020-04-15 22:20:22 UTC [The Right Server #polls]  

**Over the last few weeks in the US several food processing plants have went into shutdowns due to the pandemic - this has reduced the food production capacity in the US by around 20% and more are expected to shutdown. Do you have an ample food supply for the next 6 months stored up?**

2020-04-20 19:00:58 UTC [The Right Server #polls]  

**Are you gaming more during the virus lockdown (if under one)?**

2020-04-20 19:01:08 UTC [The Right Server #polls]  

**Do you think Medical Martial Law is a good solution to quickly end the COVID19 pandemic?**

2020-04-20 19:01:17 UTC [The Right Server #polls]  

**Are you going to watch IGN's summer of gaming?**

2020-04-23 01:43:39 UTC [The Right Server #polls]  

**Should the media make more of an effort now to move coverage to things other than the coronavirus?**

2020-04-23 01:43:46 UTC [The Right Server #polls]  

**Do you think Asian mask culture prevented a lot of infections in Asia, despite the WHO discouraging the general public from using masks?**

2020-04-23 01:43:58 UTC [The Right Server #polls]  

**Do you think Trump is more bothered about the Presidential Election in November rather than implications of the coronavirus?**

2020-04-23 01:44:08 UTC [The Right Server #polls]  

**With the current state of Kim Jong-un's health, do you expect Kim Yo-jong to take over NK within the next 6 months?**

2020-04-28 02:12:14 UTC [The Right Server #polls]  

**Do you think that governments are using the current COVID-19 pandemic to strip away citizens rights and that the MSM is complicit in the power grabs?**

2020-04-28 02:12:21 UTC [The Right Server #polls]  

**Should the west encourage wearing masks even after the crisis? (for example, wearing a mask outside when you have a bad cold)**

2020-04-28 02:12:47 UTC [The Right Server #polls]  

**Will there be a COVID-19 vaccine before the year is out?**

2020-04-28 02:12:56 UTC [The Right Server #polls]  

**Have you managed to keep yourself occupied during lockdown?**

2020-04-29 20:15:34 UTC [The Right Server #polls]  

**85% of mask production is located in China. Should countries start producing their own in the spirit of localized production and not having to rely on foreign powers during times of crisis?**

2020-04-29 20:15:43 UTC [The Right Server #polls]  

**Do you think the US economy fully being reopened by the end of summer is a good idea?**

2020-04-29 20:15:50 UTC [The Right Server #polls]  

**Have you received the Corona relief TrumpBuxโ„ข๏ธ?**

2020-04-29 20:15:57 UTC [The Right Server #polls]  

**Is TRS the top server you post in?**

2020-05-04 23:11:45 UTC [The Right Server #polls]  

**Is this election year visibly less energetic than 2016?**

2020-05-04 23:11:53 UTC [The Right Server #polls]  

**Has your opinion on Donald Trump moved from positive to negative since 2016?**

2020-05-04 23:11:59 UTC [The Right Server #polls]  

**Do you believe Biden still stands a chance after the recent allegations made about him by Tara Reade?**

2020-05-04 23:12:05 UTC [The Right Server #polls]  

**Are you currently undecided on the 2020 Presidential Election?**

2020-05-06 23:44:47 UTC [The Right Server #polls]  

**Is China a bigger threat than Russia?**

2020-05-06 23:44:57 UTC [The Right Server #polls]  

**Should we reopen the country from lockdown immediately?**

2020-05-06 23:45:07 UTC [The Right Server #polls]  

**Should hospitals that allow their nurses to be doing dances on TikTok and other social medias be called out by the government?**

2020-05-06 23:45:19 UTC [The Right Server #polls]  

**As it stands, do you think the US health care system is handling the coronavirus outbreak well?**

2020-05-12 00:23:01 UTC [The Right Server #polls]  

**Do you have a positive perception of the future?**

2020-05-12 00:23:10 UTC [The Right Server #polls]  

**Do you support some form of UBI being implemented?**

2020-05-12 00:23:18 UTC [The Right Server #polls]  

**Are you aware that there's a second round of stimulus checks going out soon?**

2020-05-12 00:23:25 UTC [The Right Server #polls]  

**Have you ever made a positive stock market trade?**

2020-05-16 17:48:03 UTC [The Right Server #polls]  

**Have you or anyone you know legitimately tested positive for COVID19?**

2020-05-16 17:48:10 UTC [The Right Server #polls]  

**Will you still attempt to go on vacation this year?**

2020-05-16 17:48:19 UTC [The Right Server #polls]  

**Has social isolation worsened your eating habits?**

2020-05-16 17:48:26 UTC [The Right Server #polls]  

**In your local area are there any meat shortages as there are in many places in the US right now?**

2020-05-20 19:44:14 UTC [The Right Server #polls]  

**Have food prices in your area went up?**

2020-05-20 19:44:19 UTC [The Right Server #polls]  

**Do you support the nation of Israel?**

2020-05-20 19:44:26 UTC [The Right Server #polls]  

**Did you know that the $3 trillion dollar Corona Relief bill also proposes federal Hate Speech laws?**

2020-05-20 19:44:37 UTC [The Right Server #polls]  

**Should China be taken to The International Court of Justice because of COVID-19?**

2020-05-26 21:30:25 UTC [The Right Server #polls]  

**Have you worn a mask in public in the last 7 days?**

2020-05-26 21:30:40 UTC [The Right Server #polls]  

**Do you think Obamagate is merely a 2020 election tool for Trump and nothing more?**

2020-05-26 21:30:51 UTC [The Right Server #polls]  

**Should the DOJ have dismissed Michael Flynn?**

2020-05-26 21:31:04 UTC [The Right Server #polls]  

**Would you be surprised if Donald Trump lost the 2020 Presidential Election?**

2020-06-01 21:04:40 UTC [The Right Server #polls]  

**Should Trump have designated ANTIFA as a terror group long before this?**

2020-06-01 21:04:50 UTC [The Right Server #polls]  

**Do you think that the riots were being fueled by the media?**

2020-06-01 21:05:00 UTC [The Right Server #polls]  

**Were most of the rioters/looters truly sympathetic to George Floyd?**

2020-06-01 21:05:08 UTC [The Right Server #polls]  

**Have police/officials done enough to quell the riots?**

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