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RFK,Jr.'s letter to ACIP prior to their meeting this week. Kennedy stated that CHD considers an expansion of the HPV recommendations reckless based on the safety information available and outlined numerous reasons to support his concerns.

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Pretty sick.

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downloadble for 7-days (from the date of this post) ^

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Henry Alexander Murray - harvard psych on MK Ultra. I accessed this public document (on a paid access site) For psychology research papers. here you go, enjoy!

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Murray, Henry A., et al. “Some Glimpses of Soviet Psychology.” American Psychologist, vol. 14, no. 6, June 1959, pp. 303–307. EBSCOhost, doi:10.1037/h0040824.

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This is the research paper based off their sleep experiments; this is the basis of their technique.

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Ask if she can document the differences!!!~

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I want to know

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big pharma is a collection name of special interest groups, both from pharmaceutical companies, linked to them directly or indirectly, that work in favor of these companies

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the lobbying gets heavier, it's time to disclose evil, in order to illuminate the darkness