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@Vato .. is this the VIDEO you are trying to post?? ...


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yeah it wouldn't show the thumbnail so i kind of gave up

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"Embed" is off here for "Enrolling" role for one example
--that is why

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Mouthy Buddha is unbiased and shows the story from multiple sides

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should be pinned anyways as a good scientific explanation

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although there has been no scientific study done on 5g safety, safety studies are necessary to determine that. Saying it's safe over the absence of evidence is unscientific

2019-03-19 18:15:56 UTC  

▬ just saying too ..
i shut-off/disable as much "wifi" as i can, i shut it off on my phone and on my computer too..and i use Ethernet cord (hard-wired) on my computer --etc..

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oh ok thank you

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shutting off is always the easiest step to mitigate that exposure

2019-03-19 18:22:10 UTC  

and emission as well

2019-03-19 18:22:40 UTC  

using faraday paint or living in a faraday cage will also mitigate that exposure

2019-03-19 18:23:59 UTC  

(some people might, idunno),, but . . in my opinion.. it'd be tough to "live in" a farday cage, ..but..some do "rest (aka sleep)" in one though ✔

2019-03-19 18:24:35 UTC  

also.... Getting "EM/EMF" (etc) radiation ▬► "CELL PHONE SHIELDS help too --that's good too 👍

2019-03-19 18:43:50 UTC  

earthing has been researched, could also work against EMFs as you expose yourself to free electrons. Microwaves and millimeter waves are photons

2019-03-19 18:44:02 UTC  

study got archived in case of censorship

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@Lancelot raised you to verified. You can post images and embed links

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2019-04-06 16:47:08 UTC  

There is a guy making 5G /EMF shielded clothing

2019-04-06 16:47:16 UTC  

Might become a necessity

2019-04-06 16:48:08 UTC  

What is the goal of 5G? Is it to kill people off? Spying and mind control? Sterilization? Or to create an infrastructure for AI?

2019-04-06 16:48:20 UTC  

No human needs that much bandwidth but AI will

2019-04-06 16:48:35 UTC  

They may plan to build the 5G infrastructure then release the AI

2019-04-09 18:01:46 UTC  

What guy makeing shielded cloths @Green Knight

2019-04-09 18:58:05 UTC  

they'll start by using 5g to kill most of the bees

2019-04-11 16:58:58 UTC  

ok so 5g, what exactly do you believe is dangerous about it?

2019-04-11 16:59:22 UTC  

in terms of radiation, it is a lot higher frequency than 4g, but nothing compared to visible light. so whats wrong with it

2019-04-11 17:00:37 UTC  

and wdym no human needs that

2019-04-11 17:01:02 UTC  

imagine being able to download 50gb games in minutes or stream multiple things in 4k at once

2019-04-11 17:01:18 UTC  

loading time for almost everything you do on the internet will be close to instant

2019-04-11 17:01:39 UTC  

it has so much potential