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2018-09-13 14:05:10 UTC  

Nobody says that's all we should do

2018-09-13 14:05:40 UTC  

that doesn’t address legal migration though

2018-09-13 14:06:23 UTC  

I think once you turn people off to the illegal stuff the legal immigration stuff will be easier to push on them.

2018-09-13 14:06:47 UTC  

legal immigration is 100% a problem too

2018-09-13 14:06:57 UTC  

too many fucking Indians

2018-09-13 14:07:32 UTC  

legal immigration is still a latino problem

2018-09-13 14:07:39 UTC  

I went to Niagra falls and it was like India.

2018-09-13 14:07:45 UTC  

asians are picking up the slack though

2018-09-13 14:07:52 UTC  

Completely ruins the whole waterfall.

2018-09-13 14:08:34 UTC  

At least we don't have a noticeable amount of gypsies. I hear they're the absolute worst.

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2018-09-13 14:08:59 UTC  

That's the only viable solution

2018-09-13 14:09:51 UTC  

Shame. Arizona is beautiful.

2018-09-13 14:10:17 UTC  

living in deserts is not white tbh

2018-09-13 14:10:38 UTC  

We'll build a wall around border states, let them all mix, then start mexican-american war 2.0, then castiza babes for all.

2018-09-13 14:10:50 UTC  


2018-09-13 14:11:02 UTC  

The desert can be tamed and made pretty nice.

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2018-09-13 14:14:31 UTC  

America will go blue

2018-09-13 14:15:18 UTC  

I think people exaggerate on the whole Texas thing

2018-09-13 14:15:54 UTC  

We just need to bring them apple pies and baseball.

2018-09-13 14:16:02 UTC  

Actually 2020

2018-09-13 14:16:06 UTC  

Maybe a few copies of the constitution.

2018-09-13 14:17:21 UTC  

You gotta think about how many are actually legal and how many actually vote, despite it's current demographics it's still pretty red

2018-09-13 14:18:04 UTC  

And if Trump gets voter ID laws passed than that will keep it red for another decade I bet

2018-09-13 14:19:10 UTC  

Idk how many are actually assimilated, but Texas has a strong culture compared to other states

2018-09-13 14:19:18 UTC  

if the demo trends don’t reverse it doesn’t matter

2018-09-13 14:19:26 UTC  

I've only been once

2018-09-13 14:19:41 UTC  

*pee poo pee poo pee poo pee poo pee poo pee poo pee poo pee poo*

2018-09-13 14:21:40 UTC  

Yeah, if it's Republican but still hispanic it's still bad. I'd rather have the GDP of Poland and a shittier TV than all of this bullshit.

2018-09-13 14:23:30 UTC  

The state will become Hispanic and likely become a castizo majority population in the future.

2018-09-13 14:24:02 UTC  

Keeping it red is the only thing we can do.

2018-09-13 14:24:53 UTC  

you can’t keep a hispanic state red

2018-09-13 14:25:34 UTC  

I don't think texicans are like California Mexicans tho.

2018-09-13 14:25:50 UTC  

I believe they're alot more conservative

2018-09-13 14:26:09 UTC  

maybe. is there any specific polling on it

2018-09-13 14:26:11 UTC  

[citation needed]

2018-09-13 14:26:50 UTC  

I've seen a shit ton of Mexican cowboys in texas

2018-09-13 14:27:04 UTC  

I think they assimilate better there.