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@gohan On the basis of compelling evidence that preplaced explosives were used.


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Yes. You cant fly commercial airlines at low altitude at 500 miles per hour. The planes are not even designed for that and the computers wont even allow the plane to do that.

2019-02-21 02:40:55 UTC  

Thermite is used in the twin towers

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Smollet is being charged with a Class 4 felony for the crime of "falsifying a hate crime."
Falsifying a regular crime, however, is not a felony. I was wrong in my prediction, since hate crimes are apparently treated as more important than regular crimes.

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Hey everyone, **The Outer Light** just posted a video! Go check it out!

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Wtf? Pepe the Frog is a symbol for white supremacy? Oh brother. 🙄

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Alright, @Deleted User has been warned for '**Mass emoji**'.

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lol u think 9/11 didn't happen

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@+ Midnight Snacker he's referring to the official report produced by people like Philip Zelikow

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Not 9/11 itself

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Guess I gotta level up to post with thumbnail

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Is this server basically for conspiracy theorists?

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I'm fine with some conspiracy theories

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But some are just too wacky

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And ideologically motivated

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That's for you to find out. Some research will do the job.

Flat earth for example is obvious bulltrash

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I agree

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But things like David Kelly, I'm leaning to the agree side that he was murdered by the British government.

2019-02-21 08:42:16 UTC  

Well governments in general belong to one entity. The world government

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@+ Midnight Snacker I'm not saying 911 didn't happen. I'm saying it didn't happen the way we are told.

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***Question Of The Day #9***

Is climate change backed by real science or is it a global warming hoax driven by politics and greed?

Share your opinion here in the <#484514023698726912>

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Climate change is not back by real science