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2017-05-13 22:24:00 UTC  

did i tell you about my medusa vision

2017-05-13 22:24:25 UTC  

@MentalSyntaxError No, you only screamed "LET ME IN" and spewed shit about Evalion being the key to your planned apocalypse.

2017-05-13 22:24:35 UTC  

mwa haha h

2017-05-13 22:24:40 UTC  

And again: You're not trustworthy, Jewgene.

2017-05-13 22:24:51 UTC  

i was doing WILD technique last year

2017-05-13 22:24:58 UTC  

Is anyone, truthfully? 🤔

2017-05-13 22:25:25 UTC  

@Aeryn I would say that you can trust me about the things I say. I honestly believe what I believe and I'm not going to lie to you to try and soften it.

2017-05-13 22:25:30 UTC  

But, other than that. No.

2017-05-13 22:25:33 UTC  

People are scum.

2017-05-13 22:25:36 UTC  

Existence is filth.

2017-05-13 22:25:42 UTC  

and after 2 hours or so in the hypnagogic state i had a weird vision of 'medusa', blond chick in a greek fresco who changed facial expressions to 'communicate' basically mocking me

2017-05-13 22:25:45 UTC  

Soften me daddy

2017-05-13 22:25:51 UTC  

at the end turned green with red eyes and sent a sensation thru my spine

2017-05-13 22:25:54 UTC  

and kicked me out of the state

2017-05-13 22:25:54 UTC  

@MentalSyntaxError Most women do.

2017-05-13 22:26:03 UTC  

But that's what happens when you engage in degeneracy, Jewgene.

2017-05-13 22:26:13 UTC  

Your practice is flawed. Just like the world we live in.

2017-05-13 22:26:20 UTC  

a few days after i saw "portals" appear after a WBTB WILD of the dreams forming but the excitement kicked me out of the state

2017-05-13 22:26:37 UTC  

I really don't get you, man. Not at all.

2017-05-13 22:26:40 UTC  

i was able to do WILD twice in the mornings but they were weak cuz of hangovers

2017-05-13 22:26:52 UTC  

Again: degeneracy makes for weak practice.

2017-05-13 22:26:56 UTC  

what are you doing for this

2017-05-13 22:26:57 UTC  


2017-05-13 22:26:59 UTC  

Was this peyote-induced or something?

2017-05-13 22:27:00 UTC  

how are you having these experiences

2017-05-13 22:27:03 UTC  

I'm not following

2017-05-13 22:27:04 UTC  

Sounds like it.

2017-05-13 22:27:08 UTC  

wake induced lucid dreaming

2017-05-13 22:27:11 UTC  


2017-05-13 22:27:20 UTC  

how do you get into this

2017-05-13 22:27:21 UTC  

Almost degeneracy. Cutting it really close.

2017-05-13 22:27:27 UTC  
2017-05-13 22:27:28 UTC  

fuck off altright

2017-05-13 22:27:32 UTC  

no this shit works

2017-05-13 22:27:32 UTC  


2017-05-13 22:27:39 UTC  

Eh, psychs are really nice far as drugs go

2017-05-13 22:27:39 UTC  


2017-05-13 22:27:41 UTC  

@Deleted User 57835c2c How do you mean?

2017-05-13 22:27:41 UTC  


2017-05-13 22:27:46 UTC  

I'm not Alt-Right.