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2019-02-27 16:12:05 UTC  

How do I get mainstream verified

2019-02-27 16:26:16 UTC  

Just take the vaccines

2019-02-27 16:26:39 UTC  

Nevermind don’t take them

2019-02-27 16:27:08 UTC  

Just make sure your children are anti vax 2 so they will die out 🙃

2019-02-27 16:27:32 UTC  


2019-02-27 16:47:09 UTC  

@Salade Nah, I managed to stay healthy and hardly get sick in my later years. Possibly because the people around me were vaccinated, and also me staying home a lot after college completion keeps me isolated from public sicknesses. But many of the vaccinated students still got sick, like flu. Some other vaccines like whooping cough worked really well and you would have very slight chance of contracting it but you still could spread it to other people.

2019-02-27 16:48:16 UTC  

So are you anti or pro

2019-02-27 16:48:23 UTC  

Flu vaccines weren't that great, you only got them because the school required it. Unless you got a signed exemption

2019-02-27 16:49:04 UTC  

Or are you just against some

2019-02-27 16:49:08 UTC  

@Salade They have many benefits, maybe negatives that can be fixed.
I am not against them, so pro I guess.

2019-02-27 16:49:25 UTC  

Some are less effective than others

2019-02-27 16:50:31 UTC  

If I do get vaccinated again, I'd do Tetanus shot maybe, I haven't got it for decades.

2019-02-27 16:51:10 UTC  

Well we in the dutchielands have only a hand full of vaxs and I got all of those

2019-02-27 16:52:29 UTC  

The thing with vaccines is that they get tested directly and crossed review. So I don't have as much of a problem with mainstream medical science, it relies more on the zetetic method.

2019-02-27 16:54:35 UTC  

I'm pro

2019-02-27 17:06:17 UTC  

I’m a health professional and on the front to sick people every damned day. All my coworkers get vaccinated...I don’t. Everyone else gets sick 3 times a year. I don’t get sick. 😂

2019-02-27 17:08:47 UTC  

It’s slowly coming out...the disastrous effects of some vaccines. They won’t be able to cover it up forever. 😃

2019-02-27 17:09:57 UTC  

@The Gwench can I get mainstream and globe earth verified

2019-02-27 17:27:45 UTC  

Mercury is no longer in vaccines

2019-02-27 17:36:46 UTC  

Not used in any vaccines?

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2019-02-27 17:37:44 UTC  

Don't be that dumb Google it

2019-02-27 17:37:58 UTC  

Even Google says there is

2019-02-27 17:39:40 UTC  

Yeah, I'm pretty sure Thimerosal is still used in some vaccines.

2019-02-27 17:43:25 UTC  


2019-02-27 18:11:18 UTC  

Ok my bad

2019-02-27 18:11:21 UTC  

U r right

2019-02-27 18:23:57 UTC  
2019-02-27 18:24:12 UTC  

You lipped off to me yesterday.

2019-02-27 18:40:35 UTC  

There is no scientific evidence to support that thimerosal

2019-02-27 18:40:45 UTC  

In vaccines

2019-02-27 18:40:54 UTC  

Cause autism

2019-02-27 19:32:40 UTC  

Ohhh myy good It doesn't cause autism

2019-02-27 19:33:10 UTC  

I have a brother with autism and they ran a test on him, it doesn't cause autism

2019-02-27 19:46:57 UTC  

Much of the increase in autism is from change in diagnostic criteria. There is no objective test that reveals autism, it is diagnosed from analyzing behavior under a particular criteria by experts.

2019-02-27 19:55:08 UTC  

And when you change criteria to be less restrictive, you can get more people with autism that otherwise wouldn't pass for it before.

2019-02-27 20:11:33 UTC  

@The Gwench yea ik can u at least tell me what i have to do in the interview for it and I'll have it later or something.

2019-02-27 20:19:12 UTC  

@The Gwench u also called me a 'sheep burger' that hurt I am a cheeseburger the best burger

2019-02-27 21:49:46 UTC  

That picture with the rates of vaccines and the rates of autism is false cause fallacy.

2019-02-27 21:50:33 UTC  

It's like saying "The older Donald Trump got, the more people got autism, Donald Trump getting older causes more autism!"

2019-02-27 21:51:11 UTC  

Ever considered the reason there are more people with autism in the U.S. is because there are more people in the U.S.?