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2017-09-28 19:21:10 UTC  

Kids dont need to be bullied to be forged, they should stand up for themselves and others

2017-09-28 19:23:47 UTC  

School is an ecosystem, you let that ecosystem run. If a kid doesn’t stand up for himself he never will. If he has divine intervention he also never will.

2017-09-28 19:23:55 UTC  

This is what I’m saying

2017-09-28 19:24:18 UTC  

Well I hope you never become a teacher or work with children, because what you're asking for is ridiculous.

2017-09-28 19:25:40 UTC  

What do you mean by divine intervention?

2017-09-28 19:26:16 UTC  

Standing up for the kid instead of teaching the kid how to stand up, hence fishing for a man instead of teaching him how to fish

2017-09-28 19:27:10 UTC  

Instead of teaching the kid how to stand up for himself. You stand up for the child dissolving him of any masculine responsibility

2017-09-28 19:31:56 UTC  

Not every kid is bullied

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2017-09-28 19:43:18 UTC  

And it's the parents responsibility to rear their children, not the teachers or the states

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2017-09-28 22:42:37 UTC  

let me find that article

2017-09-28 22:43:09 UTC  

what are news websites you cucks wont get upset over

2017-09-28 22:43:43 UTC  

nvm i can only find either this or cnn

2017-09-28 22:45:31 UTC  

Wonder who would fit that description.

Anetta Kahane (born 1954) is a German journalist, former Stasi agent, activist and the founder of the Amadeu Antonio Foundation.

Between 1974 and 1982 Kahane served as an unofficial employee of the Ministry for State Security (Stasi) in East Germany under the code name "Victoria". Stasi files connected to her work include more than 800 pages of reports. Among others, Kahane surveilled artists, students from West Berlin universities and West German television reporters.

Since 1998, Anetta Kahane served as the president and the founder of the Amadeu Antonio Foundation.

In 2015, the Amadeu Antonio Foundation followed the German Ministry of Justice's invitation to take part in a task force against hate speech on social media.

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2017-09-28 22:47:33 UTC  

Anetta (((Kahane)))

2017-09-28 22:48:20 UTC  

fuck me there was something else i was gonna post

2017-09-28 22:48:25 UTC  

what was it

2017-09-28 22:49:36 UTC  

o yea

2017-09-28 22:49:52 UTC  

dont think hes having any action taken against him which is surprising

2017-09-29 01:34:03 UTC  

He will be known

2017-09-29 01:40:49 UTC  

also on the fact that white nationalists are on t_d, theyre very well much allowed there, just as any other part of reddit as they please.

2017-09-29 01:41:12 UTC  

I agree, though that doesn't mean I like it.

2017-09-29 01:41:16 UTC  

T_D allows it?

2017-09-29 01:41:38 UTC  

Ehh, as long as there's no calling for black genocide or other stupid stuff

2017-09-29 01:43:27 UTC  

Though I think that most of T_D users don't like White Nationalism, we won't hate the people with the views, as they are just opinions

2017-09-29 01:44:08 UTC  

Ironic form the right, which can *never* take criticism or accept opposing views...

2017-09-29 01:45:05 UTC  

I mean white identity became a thing BECAUSE of neo Marxism but I think it’s a conversation that must be had, because critical theory has divided America not unite it

2017-09-29 01:46:46 UTC  

Yes, I am a Nationalist (one who has pride in their country, for the FBI that may or may not be watching us), just not one who thinks "Only whities allowed." I find those people just as bad as BLM, though they arn't as mainstream and as "loved."

2017-09-29 01:48:13 UTC  

People can't control what ethniciy / race they are born as, but they as heck can control choices their make in their lifestyle and what culture they follow.

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2017-09-29 01:49:30 UTC  

If you're born in the ghetto, you don't HAVE to stay there. And in a way, same applies for the Rich. A rich person can spend all their money on coke or something, and then go to the ghetto

2017-09-29 01:49:49 UTC  

It all depends on the mindframe that they have

2017-09-29 01:51:04 UTC  

And you can work to improve your situation, learn proper language, and work on minimising the differences, instead of double down on your little diaspora and then requiring everyone else to cuddle you.

2017-09-29 01:51:50 UTC  

'muh culture tho. That's their final, non-protest line of defense

2017-09-29 01:52:01 UTC  

Before BLM riot, and someone dies

2017-09-29 01:53:13 UTC  

They "culture" are the ones who sold their great grand parents. Most don't even know where they come from.

2017-09-29 01:54:06 UTC  

"culture" refers to gangs an sheit (sorry for joke)