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@Extra Crispy The 1950's in America were the golden era if capitalism.

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I agree for the most part

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@Extra Crispy 1900's? when corporations abusing workers gave birth to socialist movements in the u.s and started gaining traction, and forced FDR to make the "new deal"

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@Blood The means of production was technically privately-owned, but this was only by a superficial level, as the state had every say in how it was run and bore the substantive powers of ownership regardless. This being the introduction of price and wage controls in 1936 as a response to the inflation caused by all the governemnt spending necessary for all its programs and subsidies. And *furthermore*, the government took outright control over what was produced, in what quantity, by what methods, and to whom it was distrubuted. This constitutes the de-facto socialization of the economic system. The government was still excersising the powers of ownership. And the alleged position of a private owner basically became that of a government pensioner.

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why discuss politics in an echochamber. even when someone who agrees with you 91 percent of the time says something you disagree on you waste a ton of fucking time here instead of doing something usefull like stockpiling for the race war

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don't you like the 'new deal?' its socialist just like you

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@Blood it's what you call de-facto socialism

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>implying there will be a race war

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@futurestorms Yup it is. But unfortuately I have to use it for - work things. <:PepeSpecial:356316713429499905>

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if it were not for the new deal, you would be workin 12 hours a day under shit conditions, like a slave

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socialism has gone through a real fucky roller coaster when it comes to definitions throughout history

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@king I think someone( @Zerek44 ) needs a cucking

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it used to referr to terms such as taxes and crap, then it expanded to include marxism, etc

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@฿ⱤɆӾł₮ɆɆⱤ My lady uses it for her business. It's a free website, basically.

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im implying that it will most likely be a race genocide probably

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^this is why

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The New Deal didn't change working conditions for workers.

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See, I just explained how the Nazis not being socialist because of 'state-run capitalism' is a myth because the government *still* fucking had control over everything

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its almost inevitable that there will be a conflict surrounding race in the upcoming 5-15 years

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it gave protections for workers

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increased wages

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if its not started by the economy, it will be started by the gov't starting shitty plans

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And slowed the rebuilding of the American economy post-Depression.

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The progressives in the Republican party - who ironically would be more conservative than the current 'progressives' - were the ones who drew those boundaries

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ight peace guys

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increasing variables like the minimum wage will not solve any problem, but will instead likely just inflate the currency even more if it's fiat

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Oh, man. So edgy in here right now, i could shave with it.

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@Fusion o gee, well i guess the alternative would be people working 12 hours aday and paid 25 cents an hour today

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have a nice cold beer and keep it up, your changing lives out there!

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meanwhile the corporations get rich

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The irony being that 25 cents an hour would be worth about $25 an hour today

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@Fusion yea i said today

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i mean 25 cents rn

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It wouldn't be a bad thing because the dollar wouldn't have become massively devalued.