Message from Klock in The Right Server #chat

2017-10-16 13:48:20 UTC  

Remember when she first started her campaign

2017-10-16 13:48:48 UTC  

Remember that time when we all pinged <@&350743889667424256>s and they <:ree:356316447548375070>

2017-10-16 13:48:58 UTC  

no all the ducks are banned

2017-10-16 13:49:02 UTC  


2017-10-16 13:49:35 UTC  

is Dolan Darker banned here

2017-10-16 13:51:14 UTC  

yea the sun is crazy orange today

@Lex Fun-fort of sandbags, initiate

2017-10-16 13:52:15 UTC  

cia guy I need ur help

2017-10-16 13:52:21 UTC  

we've got a problem on our hands

@Lex Are they barking and stuff? Invite them into the sandbag fort

2017-10-16 13:53:23 UTC  

is it raining in the UK?

2017-10-16 13:53:35 UTC  

wait why am i asking this question

2017-10-16 13:54:10 UTC  


2017-10-16 13:54:16 UTC  

How is the yellow cloud going in UK?

2017-10-16 13:54:23 UTC  


2017-10-16 13:54:38 UTC  

@Peter its been autistic since Centipede Central started my nibba

@Lex I still hold my opinion of having a sandbag fort, just invite all the animals in. It'll be like noahs ark, but only with dogs n cats. And not a boat.

2017-10-16 13:55:51 UTC  

real nigga hours?

2017-10-16 13:56:22 UTC  

my vote is going towards sandbag fort

2017-10-16 13:56:31 UTC  

Alright class

2017-10-16 13:56:41 UTC  

let's get started

2017-10-16 13:56:42 UTC  

@Lex What is getting real?

Sandbag fun-fort

Sandbag fun-fort

2017-10-16 13:57:57 UTC  

I assume you all attended yesterdays lesson

2017-10-16 13:57:58 UTC  

You know you live ina liberal college town when the three stories on the front page of the newspaper are:

complaining about planned Parenthood losing federal money

The college implementing an anti bias program for the police


2017-10-16 13:58:04 UTC  

expand dong

2017-10-16 13:58:08 UTC  

Kill me now

2017-10-16 13:58:10 UTC  

first thing is first

2017-10-16 13:58:13 UTC  

what is economic?

2017-10-16 13:58:15 UTC  


2017-10-16 13:58:26 UTC  

The study of rational behavior

@Lex We'll miss you. Leave me the sandbag fort in your will

2017-10-16 13:58:48 UTC  

@StevePines -WA If you die, make sure to will all of your Guac for <:dindu:356316970733404161>

2017-10-16 13:59:03 UTC  


2017-10-16 13:59:28 UTC  

@StevePines -WA somewhat correct

2017-10-16 13:59:35 UTC  

good job being the only student to answer