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I'm making an article on you all for the Huffington post



"We're lucky enough to have a voice"

11 hours of sleep? I'd feel like trash afterwards

What's wrong with being moody

10 hours of sleep =/= 10 hours of doing something slower

He's trying to bring maths into it

Used to eat raw ground coffee

Didn't taste great tbh

Human cake wasn't that bad

I mean in terms of watching it

Human cake was easier to kinda glaze over

@Deleted User 904fdf23 step by step guide to cake making

Oh here's the full thing

@Walter I think it's gone beyond borderline when she's barely wearing clothes

@Jeb that's not anime, it's a superior form of art

Vals baiting again

Not very successfully

@Jeb He asked it before and immediately jumped on a follow-up point of "so you didn't want america to be fruitful"

Tell us his answer

@Jeb I'm talking about earlier, to a different person. They answered the question, and he moved onto something further. It's whatever though, I'm not saying he can't do that

This has gone off the rails real quick

Trannies and attention whores - if there was a difference

@Jeb I know, I was just saying I thought he was baiting because of a separate earlier conversation. It's all cool

@Jeb That was for Svenska

Incest is a thing

Bird kept throwing them off the table

"Give me visa bcuz gay"

No lecture for svenska

You were gay 15 minutes ago?

Well both technically

50,000 for parading around a street with shit signs?

I'm not talking because background noise of my fan, it's hot here

Don't forget the further degeneracy that is shota

Unless you stare at them for too long

Ur a fookin cunt m8


Asking yourself some deep questions, @Jeb

Some stuff is being thrown around

@Reltih Floda @Jeb - Read his message before your one in the picture.

"Not many swedes ... believe in god". I think he split it for some dumb reason

@Jeb No prob, just noticed it and thought the argument wasn't going anywhere

I'm gonna go for now, guys - Seeya all later <:ThonkSun:368147606691381248>

What is kozmiic trying to accomplish

I'm late to this party

>be kozmiic
>kill myself

Dog didn't distract Kozmiic

Thought that always worked on children

Meanwhile me, an australian, is inconsequential to this ""argument""

You were probs muted because you were being annoying or irrelevant

@Deleted User d0e93084 Yeah, that's what I'm basing that assumption on

Yeah it's kinda one-sided

Self defence is braindead retarded?

I'm enjoying this conversation though, however incomprehensible

Here comes some more sides

There's several very different conversations happening at once

@Deleted User d0e93084 Are any mods here? If so, maybe they find it entertaining?

@Deleted User d0e93084 He'll leave eventually, children tend to get bored easily

@Deleted User d0e93084 Have fun playing Shadow of war though, if you end up doing that


Living in rural australia at 2:30am, watching the shit scroll by

Good luck conquering australia we're 70% desert and emus are a very real threat

It's full of autism rn

Sometimes not so much

@Hugi No, it's just because Kozmiic is being a wrench in the works

If your username is Kozmiic you should consider suicide

Never had it either

But that's probably because australia

No-ones talking shit about australia

I was just saying I've never had egg nog because it's probably not as popular here

@Walter Weird, still never had it - Don't think I've seen it sold either, but that's probably because I don't look for it

What about aboriginals

kozmiic are so weak

Fixed it for ya, bud

When everyones a shitskin, no-one will be

I'll be dead before shitskins take over the west anyways

Need sunglasses because it's too bright

Kozmiic the chronic shitter


πŸ‡« πŸ‡· πŸ‡ͺ πŸ‡¦ πŸ‡°


Just pretend to be a smart Asian kid

Jeb voted for clinton

@Jeb The picture doesn't lie



So voice chat is still being shit rn?


Oh, did that penguin die?

No loophole anime

What about my 1 dollar off

I don't think there's a real discussion going on right now

It's gotten pretty slow

Why did you put that as part of your username

Because youre gay

No dicks showing at all plz

all a big misunderstanding

Yeah but when it's only early afternoon over here, it feels quiet

Scream and burn off your ear

cover it up with police tape

I don't watch movies

Or give you a disease

What if it was a big ol' dirty bug

That's a little bigger than Steves bug

Seen the one where the guy has maggots in his eyes and mouth?

Probably replaced by thonkstare


No philosophical hubbub

(I know it's a reference)

did the bug get inside of it

Do you have any earplugs?

Or maybe just stay awake

No idea, i've never had a bug in my ear so I don't know how to recover

He *did* have a bug in his ear

He got it out and can't sleep because paranoia

Breeding ground of a new generation


<@329195605731704833> πŸ”«

I see there's serious discussion going on today

I should change my font so it's not blocks for some versions

It's Apollo, btw Hercuman - assuming it's not showing up

@hercuman doesn't make her a martyr

This conversation is all over the place

Tyrants and dictators are two different things, Hercuman

Dictator has just become a dirty word due to it being associated with bad dictators and tyrants

I'm not here to argue or debate, I'm just saying a tyranny and a dictatorship are two different things

Tyranny is like the worst form of dictatorship

You complained about that before

Sunday runawayfromVCday

It's pretty degenerate

People having a roundabout heated argument, others talking about... getting dommed by women?

You need to be textipede

It's a role thing, like your cuck role

This fucking chat rn

Yeah it's lost alot of its meaning

I don't think he cares about sexism, Mikey

Being overly emotional is

You can have emotions, just don't cry all the fucking time or care about words

You fucking deleted it

Mike is getting pretty feisty

@Walter it's too late in the night for laughing, stop



Leave us to our own devices

Yeah if you just ask nicely you'll definitely get mod

Can't ban yourself

Predictable hollywood stuff at this point

<@329195605731704833> because it's natural to vent about things you hate

@Jeb Should I change it back? It's just because some people saw it as the unsupported squares

@Jeb Yeah, I guess. I preferred it the other way, I just didn't wanna be seen as [][][][][][]

Gun control would force more outsourcing and spite

But it's how people think

It's a pointless argument anyways

@WrasslinMan Hooded kermit best kermit

That's this whole discussion: whowannafuckwho

Morning, @StevePines -WA - So you got to sleep after the bug incident?

@StevePines -WA The bug? Atleast it was only a weird experience, not a life-threatening experience

Better get those eggs out

@Walter A little offensive to the bug tbh

It's like that guy who lived with a worm inside his brain for 3 years

Eyy, you found the gif @Walter


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