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something that happened after the start of the war is not a cause for starting the war

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Brb going to grab some more dinner.

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Thanks for the discussion ❤

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alright make sure you grab some sources

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I'm very interested in your sources!

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evidence is very important

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I will grab some extra salt as well X'D

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Btw highly recommend to all ~

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bb in a few

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highly recommended to all

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also very highly recommended

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extremely highly recommended

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recommended to all

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here's another recommended book

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not free unfortunately

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the rest of them are though

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Jesus christ fuck off with this false propaganda

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The final solution by sabaton should go here

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Shows Hitler's evil

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I thought this was serious chat not edgy chat smh

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This is serious, indeed

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Unfortunately @agag has access here

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Idk why tbh

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here's a book that talks about actual false propaganda if you're interested

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nice fake

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talks about the Hitler myth in the Third Reich

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*it's fake because I don't like it*

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I dont know much about Hitler or history very well but I wouldnt doubt it if Hitler is misrepresented to made look like the devil.

People followed him and elected him chancellor for a reason not just because the German people were sadistic and hated everyone.

However, I think people really only over glorify him because of the stigma his name hold not because of his actual individual accomplishments, policy or integrity as a person.

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by 1936 his popularity had declined to the point where they no longer got enough spontaneous crowds and Speer had to organize people who would cheer for him

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lol what

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Kershaw talks about this stuff in that last link I sent

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I couldn't find that book for free but if you're genuinely interested in the subject consider getting it

2018-09-06 14:32:22 UTC  

Kershaw is one of the most respected people on this topic