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not among the Norse

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Quite honestly though, we need to drop the hyphenated American bullshit. Hell Elon Musk is an "african american"

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`These first-hand stories agree that in 1098, after a successful siege and capture of the Syrian city Ma’arra, Christian soldiers ate the flesh of local Muslims. Thereafter the facts get murky, Rubenstein says.`

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Aryan Civilization was eons old so they probably still amputated and tortured people

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Norse also sacrificed to Odin

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just stop calling them Americans

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Your 'evidence' repudiates itself. Good job. @IUisbae

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they're Asians / Mexicans / Africans

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Well because my eyes work properly, like a normal human being's would. @thrill_house

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ironic that the "most Aryan" would end up being less Dharmic than Indians

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What do you think about the Aztecs then

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@irix and it was cited that some people are believed to cut themselves to feed their parents as a sign of piety, a claim that has been rejected as a metaphor and hyperbole on the importance of piety in Chinese society.

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if you brand yourself as something other than just an American, you aren't American

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Yes there was ?

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If you're a legal citizen of America, you're an American.

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yeah there was lol

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As I said before

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indus valley

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Indus river valley civilization

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You have to prove China is uniquely barbaric

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a legal citizen

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That burden of proof is on you

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no if you're an American you're an American

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of america is an american

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That's quite the circular argument

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@Thule-Gesellschaft [☩] same with Koreans, they're barbaric too?

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also Norse human sacrifice wasn't always voluntary

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I'm talking about thousands of years ago

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there were prisoner of war sacrifices

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When they started eating meat

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if you have ever hyphenated-American or referred to yourself from another country, you aren't American