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also Norse human sacrifice wasn't always voluntary

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I'm talking about thousands of years ago

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there were prisoner of war sacrifices

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When they started eating meat

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if you have ever hyphenated-American or referred to yourself from another country, you aren't American

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@Tohryn same thing happens with any other protests in authoritarian countries.

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Americans do exist

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@IUisbae I already did.

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and also that eddic story of the king who sacrifices all his kids for long life

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They eat other people.

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That's barbaric.

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So did other places?

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Your article was nonsensical and stated for itself that the evidence was hardly strong.

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Burden of proof is on you

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No it's not. I already cited my proof.

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You have to prove China's cannibalism was worse than Europe's

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I am the owner of TRS

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You have to prove that Europe even had cannibalism.

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I am the owner of TRS

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@Thule-Gesellschaft [☩] Odin accepted his sacrifices and gave him life in return

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he encouraged it

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I am the owner of TRS

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I feel like any race could be offended in this server.

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At least some ppl

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I am the owner of TRS

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is the asking price $6,000,000 for TRS

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@king no i am

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I'm not defending the habit of eating dogs, they're not bred specifically for human consumption and most probably people there develop a taste for them due to past famines from wars. But not all Chinese eat dogs, I can assure you as a Chinese living in SEA

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i am kang

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Proving something actually exists is pretty easy

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As I already have

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aw man how did batteries get prestigious so fast

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As you haven't.

`Your article was nonsensical and stated for itself that the evidence was hardly strong.`