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anyone seen the mario earth its very important

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wheres the money lead more? GE or FE? Lets try answer that one first

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@Tomato The reality is you are on the floor because you are more dense than air, the air is less dense than you are, you are not standing on top of a big fan, the air is not very sticky, your body doesn't have much drag, there isn't the presence of an electro static field directly above you of any significance, the electromagnetic field around you is fairly weak, you are not being shot up into the air by repeated lead shots, there isn't a large luminoscity of waves coming from underneath you and you are not cold enough for the aether to pull you up.

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string theorists created the gravitron as a way of giving gravity its own particle

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@carlito GE for sure

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however it wouldn't make sense for gravity to have its own particle

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because that would give gravity its own mass

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Alright, @Tomato has been warned for '**Bad word usage**'.

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@Superiorna_Artiljerija ^^ GE has more to gain by faking like tonnes more

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which basically ruins everything

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you guys are a weird community

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what do you expect me to fake

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why wouldn't FE's fake photos

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because they don't need to

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i don't need to either

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and they'd be shunned by the community

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it would be the best if one of you guys went there and took a video of themselves at the "ice wall"

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not you, no, but you ain't the one producing the photos now are you

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@Superiorna_Artiljerija They do and we call them out on them, I personally called out Mark Sargant 2 years ago, nobody fucking listened to me

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FE wins on logic alone again.. it's more logical to make money out of GE than out of FE there's some evidence right there

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FE wins on logic? You almost got me with that joke

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However 99.9 percent of the World's economy relies on flat earth

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i beg u mods to change the tattoo colour

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you're constantly pressing on that the globe earth is some big business and the flat earth is not

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you have no proof that it's the other way around

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Oh it is a HUGE industry

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Flat Earth is a symbol of resistance against the globalization agenda

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then why is it so hard for flat earthers to make a flat earth theory

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there's no business like big business

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@Superiorna_Artiljerija It's not a theory, it's a measurement

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Does anyone here have proof for flat earth? I'm interested.

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Look it measures flat

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it seems like this server is just a bunch of hipsters who believe in everything that contradicts the majority

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