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2019-04-13 20:24:17 UTC  

@Credibly Charted No, I'm holding you to this. Don't shift the goal post.

2019-04-13 20:24:26 UTC  

Acknowledge your error

2019-04-13 20:24:31 UTC  

I have no error

2019-04-13 20:24:35 UTC  

You do

2019-04-13 20:24:37 UTC  

I've explained my side, prove me wrong

2019-04-13 20:24:42 UTC  

that is the coolest explanation i've ever heard thanks @🍄The Mad Philosopher🍄

2019-04-13 20:24:47 UTC  

You presume a candle to illuminate the entire room

2019-04-13 20:24:47 UTC  

this is getting ridiculous lmao

2019-04-13 20:24:48 UTC  

*change my mind*

2019-04-13 20:24:54 UTC  

@Human Sheeple ad hominem and shift goalpost

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2019-04-13 20:25:19 UTC  

FE is too logical for Globe earther's that's the problem

2019-04-13 20:25:20 UTC  

*" God is Gay"*

2019-04-13 20:25:22 UTC  

jk rowling ugh

2019-04-13 20:25:25 UTC  
2019-04-13 20:25:25 UTC  

No, I don't... that's exactly the opposite

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2019-04-13 20:25:46 UTC  

@Credibly Charted no, that's how it works on a flat earth

2019-04-13 20:25:46 UTC  


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2019-04-13 20:25:59 UTC  

they can't comprehend the sheer massiveness of all that logic

2019-04-13 20:26:02 UTC  

@a fucking egg I have now come out as gay because of JK Rowling

2019-04-13 20:26:03 UTC  


2019-04-13 20:26:04 UTC  

You are trying to make the sun the same as a candle which isn't even the slightest

2019-04-13 20:26:07 UTC  

The sun is similar to a candle moving about the floor of a large room. @Credibly Charted

2019-04-13 20:26:16 UTC  


2019-04-13 20:26:23 UTC  

i always thought dumbledore was gay

2019-04-13 20:26:30 UTC  

but everything else is crap

2019-04-13 20:26:31 UTC  


2019-04-13 20:26:42 UTC  

I don't think you understand what you are actually trying to explain here or I don't understand

2019-04-13 20:26:48 UTC  

@elle I can't believe JK was hiding that epic twist

2019-04-13 20:26:54 UTC  

@Credibly Charted you don't understand.

2019-04-13 20:26:59 UTC  

I wanted to buy a funko pop with dumbledore only to write GAY on his forehead

2019-04-13 20:27:00 UTC  

This is simple

2019-04-13 20:27:04 UTC  

The room [the universe I assume?] and a candle [the sun]

2019-04-13 20:27:07 UTC  

Is there a book on logical fallacies

2019-04-13 20:27:08 UTC  

how is it that i understand after hearing it just once

2019-04-13 20:27:09 UTC  

i cant believe jk wants to spoil a good thing

2019-04-13 20:27:14 UTC  


2019-04-13 20:27:21 UTC  

The room, the flat earth. @Credibly Charted

2019-04-13 20:27:26 UTC  

This is a very chill chat