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@Jimmy Believes in swearing

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@Credibly Charted You're deliberately ignoring my explanation. The sun is far smaller and less powerful on a flat earth. Don't you dare presume around me, I never said it was a spotlight. It is very much like a candle. What are you not understanding? This is so simple, a child could understand this.

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I am new to this

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yea me too

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How are we all today

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the problem here, is that's he's not a child

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I joined because my mom told me to

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she is a flat earther

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My mom hits me if I don't believe her flat earth group

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I have a question: how do we know how far stars are since they have varying luminosity?

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@🍄The Mad Philosopher🍄 I never said you did say it was a spotlight, and I've already explained [TWICE] that even if the sun was smaller it would still have a certain effect on the earth and certain other things that happen on it

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and I started to become too

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we're all going to be on yt thanks to that troll isn't that marvellous

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I like your Toga pfp

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thanks mdude

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i have many

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no problem

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Have any of you ever heard of the truth about Cat Earth?

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what is cat earth

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someone send me there

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my dog tells me about it

2019-04-13 20:20:13 UTC  

its just a cat

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Cat no? do tell

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@パートナーキラー my mom hits me can you give me advice, she always says that science is wrong but I am afraid she might hit me again. What can I do?

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its just a neko girl kek

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Sup y'all

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shut up and stop trolling. thats your first step.

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@Dansco112 this is the wrong place to ask

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my greatest wish would be to turn all dogs into cats overnight

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Fine day isn't it?

2019-04-13 20:21:00 UTC  

@carlito agreed