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2019-04-13 20:37:00 UTC  

but thats not the case

2019-04-13 20:37:02 UTC  

no im not

2019-04-13 20:37:07 UTC  

Yes you are

2019-04-13 20:37:10 UTC  

think about it

2019-04-13 20:37:13 UTC  


2019-04-13 20:37:13 UTC  

which year was the Antartic treaty made

2019-04-13 20:37:18 UTC  


2019-04-13 20:37:22 UTC  

I just don't know what to say

2019-04-13 20:37:26 UTC  

this is the wrong chat

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2019-04-13 20:37:39 UTC  

Start with that

2019-04-13 20:37:45 UTC  

Considering it's size the sun would light up everything

2019-04-13 20:37:51 UTC  

yes or no to what?

2019-04-13 20:37:57 UTC  


2019-04-13 20:38:05 UTC  

@Hamburger Guy It's not as big as you think or i would agree

2019-04-13 20:38:27 UTC  

Actually never mind even if it was as small as you explained it

2019-04-13 20:38:33 UTC  

Just look at stars

2019-04-13 20:38:37 UTC  

Do you assume the sun to light the entire earth or not? Yes or no? @Credibly Charted

2019-04-13 20:38:46 UTC  

You can see them no matter how far away they are

2019-04-13 20:38:52 UTC  

yes it's so tiny in comparison to the earth

2019-04-13 20:38:59 UTC  

furry friends

2019-04-13 20:39:01 UTC  

well if the eath was flat it would light up the entire planet.

2019-04-13 20:39:10 UTC  

@🍄The Mad Philosopher🍄 of course not, because about half the earth is on the other side of the globe

2019-04-13 20:39:15 UTC  

because of the way it would shine

2019-04-13 20:39:20 UTC  

@Hamburger Guy We can't know what stars are so that's also an assumption.

2019-04-13 20:39:24 UTC  

like when the sun is setting

2019-04-13 20:39:35 UTC  

If the sun is a candle and the earth is the room and the candle is in the middle [from the thing you posted] and candles shine in every direction it would at least cover some of the other part

2019-04-13 20:39:47 UTC  

wouldnt it just luminate the other side of the planet?

2019-04-13 20:39:57 UTC  
2019-04-13 20:39:58 UTC  

How is the sun a candle?

2019-04-13 20:40:04 UTC  

@Credibly Charted It's not in the middle

2019-04-13 20:40:10 UTC  

Where do you get that?

2019-04-13 20:40:14 UTC  

It is Mad Philosopher's example @Dragon the Redcoat

2019-04-13 20:40:25 UTC  

its so hard to explain

2019-04-13 20:40:35 UTC  

That is what I am understanding from your picture

2019-04-13 20:40:35 UTC  

@Credibly Charted Where do you see a sun in the middle of the map?

2019-04-13 20:40:39 UTC  

this wouldnt work

2019-04-13 20:40:45 UTC  

i want vc

2019-04-13 20:41:12 UTC  

@🍄The Mad Philosopher🍄 so you have concepts and fancy names... but where are the calculations? How can you be sure the sun is so small?

2019-04-13 20:41:18 UTC