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2019-04-14 17:55:02 UTC  

oki moonlanding is fake cool but what about now?

2019-04-14 17:55:07 UTC  

you guys are living in the past

2019-04-14 17:55:14 UTC  

Im not referring to the teachers of course they got no clue what is happening

2019-04-14 17:55:21 UTC  

it's funny how people think the moon landings are fake

2019-04-14 17:55:27 UTC  

obviously don't know that we are humans

2019-04-14 17:55:31 UTC  

the moonlandings are fake

2019-04-14 17:55:33 UTC  

landing on the moon is not crazy at all

2019-04-14 17:55:41 UTC  

all the moonlandings ?

2019-04-14 17:55:42 UTC  

landing on the moon is crazy thinking

2019-04-14 17:55:51 UTC  

They even tell you we didn't go there

2019-04-14 17:56:07 UTC  

well your evidence is more than 500years old so whats wrong with ours being just 4 or 5 years old

2019-04-14 17:56:20 UTC  


2019-04-14 17:56:22 UTC  

we are humans

2019-04-14 17:56:25 UTC  

hes old.

2019-04-14 17:56:26 UTC  

just type in youtube space and you will find livestreams from space right now

2019-04-14 17:56:29 UTC  

we climb and jump off of cliffs for fun

2019-04-14 17:56:34 UTC  

hes senile. thats why he messed up his wording

2019-04-14 17:56:37 UTC  

but it's not space

2019-04-14 17:56:46 UTC

2019-04-14 17:56:51 UTC  

so you say they all are faking all those livestreams?

2019-04-14 17:56:59 UTC  


2019-04-14 17:57:04 UTC  

everything is fake for some reason

2019-04-14 17:57:07 UTC  

yes most definitely faking

2019-04-14 17:57:08 UTC  


2019-04-14 17:57:16 UTC  

Yeah unless the globe stopped rotating

2019-04-14 17:57:16 UTC  

if you don't understand something, it must be fake

2019-04-14 17:57:19 UTC  

wouldn't that make it seem believable though, to have all those streams?

2019-04-14 17:57:20 UTC  

its hard to win an argument when both sides wont give in

2019-04-14 17:57:27 UTC  

Careful newcomers, the lies are far and wide 😊

2019-04-14 17:57:45 UTC  

they trying to separate critical thinkers like us, from non critical thinkers as yourselves

2019-04-14 17:57:55 UTC  

the earth didn't stop

2019-04-14 17:57:58 UTC  

what about the picture of the black hole?

2019-04-14 17:57:59 UTC  

you can literally see it moving

2019-04-14 17:58:00 UTC  

its fake?

2019-04-14 17:58:57 UTC  

im sure you'd fake tonnes of stuff if someone was offering to pay you trillions of dollars.. or wouldn't you ?

2019-04-14 17:58:57 UTC  

Actually we're trying to separate brainwashed stockholm syndrome victims of the prussian method mandatory education system that conditions you into fighting in the front lines of trenches to stand in front of a gas cloud to protect your government.
You're shown your government are pedophiles and liars and they fake space and your conditioning kicks in and you defend them.

2019-04-14 17:59:26 UTC  

so i guess all of those mathematical calculations and theories, decades and centuries of work, thousands of notable scientists, that all of their work was for nothing?

2019-04-14 17:59:28 UTC  


2019-04-14 17:59:29 UTC  

As ya do

2019-04-14 17:59:31 UTC  

usually walls of text means someone gave up