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Jews are the real notsees

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They kinda are in a way

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Israel is unironically the most NS nation on the planet.

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You ever hear about the football made from Jew babies?

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It's like the skin lamps but gayer

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The Nazis got their inspiration from Ed Gein I guess

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@AllFather @kitkat my humble suggestions to streamline the channels as we start fresh

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I think they were partially inspired by Mussolini's fascism.

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I was joke

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We need The Protocols of the Learned Elders of NS to be written.

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So what does the thing on the discord recruiting and Christianity ones say @segaprophet

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@kitkat the three old religion channels can just be one channel "religion"

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the recruiting don't worry about for now

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Won't that just lead to religious infighting like before though?

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Yeah... I thought about that

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at the very least, you don't need a third "general" religion channel

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Also do you want me to merge music and videos?

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I think "Art & Music" can be one and "Videos" another

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@kitkat thankd

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National Socialist Legion (NSL) is a Revolutionary National Socialist organization dedicated to protecting the White European Race, the Traditional Western Nuclear Family, destroying degeneracy and its mother ideology Cultural Marxism, and the disillusion of the Democratic Process in favor of a Fascist system of governance. As a group of National Socialists dedicated to a Fascist world view, we perform both activism and readiness for the coming Racial Holy War. NSL’s ultimate goal is the unification of all National Socialist groups, as NSL believes this is the only way to transform the corrupt Democratic system we live under into a Fascist Ethnostate dedicated to the protection of the White Race. NSL truly believes this route is the only way to protect our people from the “Browning” of America. Joining the National Socialist Legion means you are dedicated to NSL, its members, and its leadership. Joining NSL means you are dedicated to protecting your race and to the National Socialist cause. Finally, only join NSL if you are willing to carry out your duties in the physical world.

HAIL VICTORY! @everyone

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@segaprophet save white race

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卐 卍

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.retro Can we get the bot in here?

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no u

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Fuck, no Nazi dab

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ur mum gey

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@segaprophet look good?

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@kitkat uno momento

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