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2018-07-03 23:56:17 UTC [NSL #general]  

2018-07-03 23:58:56 UTC [NSL #general]  

What happened fellers

2018-07-04 00:13:42 UTC [NSL #general]  

Hopefully not a literal nuke

2018-07-04 00:16:46 UTC [NSL #general]  

We will survive mom telling us to get off xbox at 7:00 because it's bedtime

2018-07-04 00:18:13 UTC [NSL #general]  

Mom said the Jews are responsible for the issues in the US

2018-07-04 00:19:04 UTC [NSL #general]  

We survived the Szechuan sauce shortage

2018-07-04 00:20:17 UTC [NSL #general]  

Real shit? Big if true

2018-07-04 00:20:48 UTC [NSL #general]  

NS rise up

2018-07-04 00:21:48 UTC [NSL #general]  

Gang siegers

2018-07-04 00:22:11 UTC [NSL #general]  

Rebals rise up

2018-07-04 00:23:21 UTC [NSL #general]  

Rebals against mom at 7:00pm

2018-07-04 00:24:58 UTC [NSL #general]  

Gas the bikes race far now

2018-07-04 00:25:40 UTC [NSL #general]  

If we shitposted memes like that dou you think it would work?

2018-07-04 00:27:19 UTC [NSL #general]  


2018-07-04 00:27:23 UTC [NSL #general]  


2018-07-04 00:27:36 UTC [NSL #general]  

Jews are the real notsees

2018-07-04 00:28:14 UTC [NSL #general]  

You ever hear about the football made from Jew babies?

2018-07-04 00:28:17 UTC [NSL #general]  


2018-07-04 00:28:38 UTC [NSL #general]  

It's like the skin lamps but gayer

2018-07-04 00:29:50 UTC [NSL #general]  

The Nazis got their inspiration from Ed Gein I guess

2018-07-04 00:31:32 UTC [NSL #general]  

I was joke

2018-07-05 17:43:20 UTC [NSL #general]  

Got a Fashbook.

2018-07-05 17:54:20 UTC [NSL #general]  

A German told me there's no difference between American and German beer.

2018-07-06 01:49:37 UTC [NSL #general]  

I did some promotion and such on whisper. Seems there's a steady amount of people who think like us.

2018-07-06 06:37:14 UTC [NSL #general]  

Front page of what? Lol

2018-07-06 06:37:37 UTC [NSL #general]  

Top ten evil natsee drumphf fashists

2018-07-06 06:37:44 UTC [NSL #general]  


2018-07-06 06:42:56 UTC [NSL #general]  

I just looked at their site. Looks like vice dropped a small turd.

2018-07-06 06:49:01 UTC [NSL #general]  

"Unicorn Riot news.
Right wing national socialists have secret code phrases such as "come over" and "sprem"."

2018-07-06 06:49:37 UTC [NSL #general]  

Come over now

2018-07-06 06:50:21 UTC [NSL #general]  

More white children

2018-07-06 06:51:01 UTC [NSL #general]  


2018-07-13 04:10:18 UTC [NSL #library]  

Must read

2018-07-14 02:07:47 UTC [NSL #survival]  

You guys know how to make a homemade gas mask?

2018-07-14 02:23:02 UTC [NSL #general]  

Set up a Channel specifically for music?

2018-07-14 02:24:15 UTC [NSL #general]  

I know some commands for rythim

2018-07-14 02:25:10 UTC [NSL #general]  


2018-07-14 02:26:42 UTC [NSL #general]  

!play Funkerlied

2018-07-14 02:29:05 UTC [NSL #general]  

Almost heaven

2018-07-14 02:31:19 UTC [NSL #general]  


2018-07-14 02:32:09 UTC [NSL #general]  


2018-07-14 02:32:56 UTC [NSL #general]  

!play Johnny Cash gods gonna cut you down

2018-07-14 02:35:20 UTC [NSL #general]  

Can you speak other languages with an southern accent?

2018-07-14 02:36:36 UTC [NSL #general]  

Say Danke Schön

2018-07-14 02:37:19 UTC [NSL #general]  

Lmao yes

2018-07-14 02:49:48 UTC [NSL #general]  


2018-07-14 02:52:41 UTC [NSL #general]  

"Bbbbut they had SLAvES so they RASIST!"

2018-07-14 02:54:17 UTC [NSL #general]  

Do you ultimately believe that any white American can represent the Confederate flag if they know what it really means?

2018-07-14 02:59:29 UTC [NSL #general]  

Some people here in the north have it. I suppose they know what it means if they have it hanging up.

2018-07-14 02:59:59 UTC [NSL #general]  

Or they from the south

2018-07-14 03:00:53 UTC [NSL #general]  

I see

2018-07-14 03:02:47 UTC [NSL #general]  

You know if you have any synagogues or Freemason lodges down there?

2018-07-15 23:26:44 UTC [NSL #general]  

@everyone Christian or not. Watch if you never did.

2018-07-15 23:27:37 UTC [NSL #general]  

Eh. I ping when i feel it’s important

2018-07-15 23:41:40 UTC [NSL #general]  

There was something posted by Jews on Twitter that said about being against the 1% was antisemitic

2018-07-16 01:30:54 UTC [NSL #general]  

Would it be okay if I posted a graphic video in the video channel?
The purpose is to show the savagery of niggers.

2018-07-16 01:31:46 UTC [NSL #general]  

I want to get confirmation from an admin Incase it’s not okay

2018-07-16 20:23:16 UTC [NSL #general]  

My mom actually believes what I told her

2018-07-16 20:24:26 UTC [NSL #general]  

Lol. I started by saying the stuff about Christians in the Talmud and she hooked on to the science explanation

2018-07-16 20:24:53 UTC [NSL #general]  

A while ago my friend spoke at his church about Jews

2018-07-16 20:26:33 UTC [NSL #general]  

My mom is a little weirded out about me having a picture of hitler and swastika flag on my wall.

2018-07-16 20:27:45 UTC [NSL #general]  

She laughs at the anti Jew propaganda. She says Jew as an insult a lot.

2018-07-16 20:28:45 UTC [NSL #general]  

I need goebbels and Rockwell

2018-07-16 20:29:19 UTC [NSL #general]  

I don’t have William pierce either wtf

2018-07-17 18:49:47 UTC [NSL #general]  

🅱️ased 🅱️oland

2018-07-17 18:54:41 UTC [NSL #general]

2018-07-17 18:55:10 UTC [NSL #general]  

Hickcok45 posting

2018-07-17 18:55:52 UTC [NSL #general]  

Keystone United are skins

2018-07-17 18:56:04 UTC [NSL #general]  

Pennsylvania grouo

2018-07-17 18:56:08 UTC [NSL #general]  


2018-07-17 18:56:25 UTC [NSL #general]  


2018-07-17 18:57:02 UTC [NSL #general]

2018-07-17 18:57:32 UTC [NSL #general]  

F for Rockwell

2018-07-18 05:20:45 UTC [NSL #general]  

A subhuman exists within us all to act as a leavening agent.

2018-07-18 05:21:24 UTC [NSL #general]  

- Joseph Goebbels

2018-07-18 19:35:41 UTC [NSL #general]  


2018-07-18 20:08:21 UTC [NSL #news-and-jews]  

Famine than

2018-07-18 20:08:25 UTC [NSL #news-and-jews]  


2018-07-18 20:09:42 UTC [NSL #news-and-jews]  

Hopefully. But now I’m spooked as fug

2018-07-18 20:09:53 UTC [NSL #news-and-jews]  


2018-07-18 20:10:35 UTC [NSL #news-and-jews]  

Martial law

2018-07-18 20:11:34 UTC [NSL #news-and-jews]  

Real shit.
How many elites will run to their safety bunkers?

2018-07-18 20:12:47 UTC [NSL #news-and-jews]  

Reap the spoils

2018-07-18 20:14:26 UTC [NSL #news-and-jews]  

Science is more worried about making old kikes penises larger

2018-07-18 20:15:08 UTC [NSL #news-and-jews]  

Imagine living near Yellowstone

2018-07-18 20:15:36 UTC [NSL #news-and-jews]  

People are prob going to move away

2018-07-18 20:27:57 UTC [NSL #news-and-jews]  

The volcano is secretly a natsoc

2018-07-19 01:29:27 UTC [NSL #general]  

If you google “Nazi haircuts”
You will get results

2018-07-19 01:31:59 UTC [NSL #general]  

Copy Richard Spencer’s

2018-07-19 01:33:20 UTC [NSL #general]

2018-07-19 02:51:14 UTC [NSL #general]  

Anyone wanna see a nog get capped by other nogs?
Dm me

2018-07-20 03:34:47 UTC [NSL #general]  

Does there happen to be a White Power audiobook?

2018-07-20 03:35:21 UTC [NSL #general]  

Thank you

2018-07-20 03:35:45 UTC [NSL #general]  


2018-07-20 04:03:44 UTC [NSL #general]  

Based man 👍🏻

2018-07-20 04:05:49 UTC [NSL #general]  

I’ve been posting on whisper, tumblr and YouTube.
I’ve recently done a poster job too.

2018-07-20 04:07:07 UTC [NSL #general]  

I lost 30 pounds since last doctors visit.

2018-07-20 04:07:27 UTC [NSL #general]  

Probably should’ve put that in fitness

2018-07-20 04:08:03 UTC [NSL #general]  

I’ve made diet changes and drinking tons of water

2018-07-20 04:09:05 UTC [NSL #general]  

I feel a lot better since I switched

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