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Welcome to BetaTesting


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I made that

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that is fucking worrying

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It for us to post any problems we find.

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Okay I'm on VC

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Also, as a word of advice, verify someone’s email before reminding them what their username and password are. You don’t have to remind them anyways, but at least make sure they didn’t mistype their email first lol

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Yeah I wanted to make it convenient.

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The best security procedures are really inconvenient

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I’m not trying to be an asshole or anything, I’m not exactly a security expert, this one thing is about all I know. That, and sanitize your PHP inputs lol

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sanitize the PHP inputs?

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Got a Fashbook.

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I don’t know very much about sanitizing PHP inputs, except that it’s a pain and it’s important. Basically, if there is input that goes to a PHP page, you need to make sure it doesn’t contain anything that could be used to subvert the intention of the input. People can trick PHP into accepting phony code really easily if it isn’t done. It’s especially common in password fields and such. Generally, everyone hates PHP and tries to avoid it, and yet end up getting wrapped up in it anyways. I’ll post a video related to PHP sanitizing, hopefully it will help.

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I added you to the group.

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Well, I did do such a thing for some of the PHP, like on the entrance page. Where fake PHP inputs are used and through script replaced by real ones which are not visible to the eye.

2018-07-05 17:51:09 UTC
Ah, it’s SQL injection, but yeah it’s related to PHP

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It definitely needs a lot of work, but it’s pretty impressive. I know how much work goes into some of that because I’ve done just enough programming to know how tough it is, but not quite enough that I could do as much as has been done with it. If I notice things that need fixing, I’ll try to remember to let you know

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A German told me there's no difference between American and German beer.

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I don't think SQL injection will be much of a problem here.

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There's only one place that MySQL is used and that's for the login, and I made that fairly secure against injections through various techniques.

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I thought ahead on that issue.

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Everything else is encoded and sent to text files.

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@everyone we have 42 members and 11 in fashbook. If you’ve joined DM me saying so, if you haven’t then join and DM me telling me you just did.

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I just added EvilFascistOverlord now

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Assuming that's our EvilFascistOverlord and not someone else who coincidentally made the same name

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No it’s him, we have 12 in now @johnolithicsoftware

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Only 30 to go

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@AllFather I'm on fash book

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I think I got him

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Got him

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@D3VISTAT0R do you know how to get to the NSL page

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All who are added will be able to see the Fashbook NSL group

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Ok good deal