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@here welcome our new california member

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Sorry for your loss

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I think I will be doing some road tripping soon.

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For a job

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@here thoughts on taking this flag to C-Ville 2.0

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Are you Celtic?

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Do you know the symbology of the modern Celtic cross @Sartigy

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Not really

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White power?

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White pride world wide

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It’s an old basic symbol

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Strormfront uses it a lot

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French neo fascists used it a lot in the 70s

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Which is the first use in a nationalist context

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fuck is down

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gab is a fairly new platform that has issues everyone once and a while. It will most likely be up soon

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Although the hamsa symbol is a product of pagan cultures that dates back thousands of years old, the sacred hand form is still being used in Judaism and Islam today. hmm jews jewing everything

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I'm in a major struggle to figure out how to make a voice chat, but some progress has been made.
I have learned of "blobs" recently, a blob seems to be a file which acts like it exists somewhere, it's downloadable, but what I came to find is that it is merely all in memory and not on the server or the host browser's file system, it's kind of mysterious at first.

I have taken some example code to make wav audio blobs from recorded sound through the mic from a web page, I set up a web page from this example code, it records wav audio from the mic successfully and saves it as a blob and lists it for download, I plan to reverse-engineer this code over time by studying how it works and figuring out how to utilize it properly for the intended means.

The basic objective that I have in mind is to figure out how to save these "blobs" of wav audio data to actual wav files, or possibly converted to MP3, and then I will have people's web browsers optionally gain the capability to listen to them, which should allow me to set up a basic voice chat system.

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You’re doing great, I have no idea how to help or what most of that means, but still

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Short version is: I should be able to do this in theory.

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In practice the idea is still a bit unpredictable for now.

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Alrighty then

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If anyone can do it, it’s you

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If I can pull this off, it'll be pretty amazing.

2018-07-21 20:28:08 UTC  

It will be

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@D3VISTAT0R you're deafened

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Discord is so jewed

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Discord is so jewed

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@johnolithicsoftware are you using a server file system to hold blob

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nah it gets stored in the browser's memory space

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in RAM basically

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so base64

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not sure

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