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2018-01-19 04:22:08 UTC  

@everyone put your twatter names in the twatter names channel for more power..

2018-01-19 10:15:48 UTC  

What does everyone think about ((save a set for Seth)))

2018-01-19 10:15:57 UTC  


2018-01-19 11:23:54 UTC  

Right after I posted about Seth Rich and the State of the Union I got shadowbanned again.. its on bitches πŸ˜‰

2018-01-19 13:02:18 UTC  

%%% The server will be completely re-organized tonight for the upcoming event%%%%

2018-01-19 23:47:33 UTC  

Op- Orders are coming... πŸ˜‰

2018-01-20 06:46:13 UTC  

<> Memes War Room Is now active on the board

2018-01-27 14:23:57 UTC  

The channel has been created. along with other "trending" topics in order. I need your help to keep this server updated πŸ˜‰ feel free to dm with comments and suggestions. I have free weekend for once.

2018-01-29 09:50:44 UTC  

Copy/Paste #PeoplesSOTU #WeStandUnited #ResistanceMovement #Vote2018

2018-01-29 17:35:48 UTC  

We need more Ammo!!! Where are my meme makers at? This is WAR!!! (SOTU/MAXINE/SETH RICH/MS13) we need to fill these channels up! Also there will be a condensed zip. file later with the dankest for SOTU! 9pm Jan 30th Eastern Time. @everyone

2018-01-29 19:17:07 UTC  

Follow yourself a celebrity or a politician. Someone with a lot of β€œinfluence”. Set notifications on! The snipe there tweets. Be the first to respond. Red pill the masses while having discussions with there followers.. Enjoy @here

2018-01-30 03:31:09 UTC  

If you are newly joining the server and wonering where all the people are talking in voice come join us over here

2018-01-30 20:20:28 UTC  

@everyone I recived a text from the Trump campaign automated system :Pres. Trump wants YOUR name displayed on the live stream of his State of the Union Address TONIGHT. Make a contribution & get on the list:

2018-01-30 23:54:36 UTC  


Good evening all you beautiful fags and fagettes! In less than 3 hours president Trump will have his 2018 "State of the Union" address, and we've got no time to lose. We must kick into high gear. You already know what do and how to do it so let's own these motherfucking hash-tags. Let's show everyone once again, it's the will of the people within the borders of this fine country, accompanied by our selfless brothers and sisters abroad, generating this historic traffic! They can push the mythical Russian bot network all they want. The data won't fucking lie.

It's time for our unity, strength and perseverance to capitalize on our diverse autistic natures delivering the truth in bombastic fashion. Stick it to 'em and make it hurt, but have your arms open with love and compassion, not crossed with arrogance and a mouth full of "I-told-you-so's." We need the fire to start inside everyone that's blind but it's of no use if they feel like they arrived by the fireside belittled and broken.

Tonight we show the world we are here for President Trump and we stand by his side to Make America Great Again from the inside out.

We own these for the remainder of the State of the Union

#PeoplesSOTU #WeStandUnited #ResistanceMovement #Vote2018
#TuesdayThoughts #BlackPanther #womenssotu #StateOfTheUnion #TheStateOfTheUnion #StateOfTheUniom #StateofOurUnion #SOTU #SOTUunion
New opposition hashtags! Hijack them before they become effective!! #theresistance #resist #impeachtrump <#402166159811805184>russia #boycottstateoftheunion #fateoftheunion

2018-01-30 23:55:56 UTC  

Obviously I fucked that up.

2018-01-30 23:58:01 UTC  

Nah man it’s great so what you gotta click the link for the gif

2018-01-30 23:59:33 UTC  

Yeah I guess. I dunno why it did that.

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2018-01-31 01:04:23 UTC  

Holy shit

2018-01-31 01:04:29 UTC  

That's awesome

2018-01-31 01:44:44 UTC  
2018-01-31 01:47:06 UTC  

Lets do this get your popcorn and your meme's ready! When potus speaks on a spicy topic we meme! For God and Country. MAGA Baby!

2018-01-31 05:07:17 UTC  

@everyone let's turn this huffington post poll around Meme Warriors

2018-02-01 10:58:41 UTC  

Good morning!! Going to be a big day for us! As soon as that MEMO drops and we get a chance go read it. We can make find some good (points/meme) to really drive the point home! MAGA πŸš‚ no brakes!!! @here

2018-02-01 15:12:36 UTC  

@everyone Good morning you beautiful fuckers! Here are some trending hash tags. #releasethememo is gaining steam and #fullofschiff is too but we know we can do better! Let's rally round "our" family with a pocket full of shells.....

2018-02-01 16:09:46 UTC

2018-02-01 16:21:16 UTC

2018-02-01 16:22:13 UTC  

Get you NancyPelosi MeME ready they are about to push hard now it’s unredacted

2018-02-02 00:03:07 UTC  

@everyone Very important time to Support Nunes, he's on the Front lines and #removeNunes is trending, let's support him!!!

2018-02-02 16:25:35 UTC  

@everyone Here is the link to the Live Feed on C-span for the Republican Winter Retreat. Enjoy! MAGA

2018-02-02 16:25:52 UTC  

^^^ It is on right now.

2018-02-02 18:43:54 UTC  

@everybody here is a quick run down of the memo.. FACTS:

-Dossier is FAKE
-FBI knew the dossier was FAKE
-@HillaryClinton /@DNC paid for dossier
-@Comey, Yates, McCabe, Rosenstein misled FISA courts...
-@FBI worked with @TheDemocrats to go after @realDonaldTrump

2018-02-02 19:02:59 UTC  

Happy #memoday everyone, feel free to check the potpourri channel for some fresh "my ass is grass" memes.

2018-02-03 23:53:25 UTC  

My Fellow Memers. We have exciting news upon us! You have demanded and we have listened! There is now is a CONTEST called "The Memies". There will be a "WINNER" and "WORST MEMER" role given out each week! Both are highly sought after in their own ways. You can post your meme anywhere. Other memers will vote using the πŸ† emoji!! Once it has been "trophied" it will be moved to "THE MEMIES". Now its up to YOU to vote for the best content. YOU can then use any emoji you please to vote for your favorites!!! Shower them with sweet sweet emoji's. We will be showcasing the winning memes in a gallery channel. ITS TIME TO SHOW OFF THEM MEME's. YOU have one week. Start and End on Saturday 10am/10pm. Sunday will be used to celebrate the glorious WINNER and prepare for following week. GOOD LUCK @everyone <a:pepeclap:407708943758917633> <:paranoidpepe:365853906938626049> <:maga:407708944501571584> <:pepoDIE:407708943821832205> <:DetectivePepe:407708943243280425> <:PEPEQ:407402926148026379> <a:sweatingpepe:402290314754392074> <a:REEing1:406234959636856832> <a:Reeing2:406234970831716352>

2018-02-04 22:56:45 UTC  

@everyone Hey guys we are hosting a superbowl watch party on our room over at the Q Continuum Discord.

Please feel welcome to join us for the spectical and the bullshit messaging from the msm and the globalist ellites.

Don't forget to live tweet the memes!

2018-02-04 23:27:16 UTC  

@here coin toss!

2018-02-06 02:25:01 UTC  

@here we are going to have a watch party to watch The Presidents Ohio speech gonna be very maga. come join us! stream on now starting the speech after 630PST! Streaming only #MAGA content until speech start

2018-02-06 18:09:40 UTC  

@everyone there need to be 5 votes cast in order to deem the meme worthy of awards πŸ˜‰ use that πŸ†

2018-02-07 23:39:56 UTC  

@everyone Hijack #gonancygo