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Iron dome missile defense in Israel launches rockets after 'false' alarm set by Hamas live fire drills
Reports of Israeli Air force attacking Hezbollah positions in Lebanon
Pope tells kids to keep shouting
Obama ponders creating a million young Obamas
Zuck says he is sorry again
Former Catalan leader Puigdemont detained in Germany
Orange snow baffles eastern Europeans
Chinas space station expected to hit in Europe
DoD Outreach official twitter page tweets, 'The calm before the storm"
Trump tweets, give them a read
Hijack #stormydanielsday hashtag
Russia says then didnt work with Taliban
Turkey's Erdogan says operation begin in Iraq's Sinjar region
Trump to make 'one or two major changes to his government' soon

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#StormyDaniels is trending...need to change that.

2018-03-26 04:25:15 UTC  

@Pinnaclegirl You need to hijack that tag with QAnon stuff.

2018-03-26 11:06:31 UTC  

Good morning patriots. Lots of plane activity in Germany and London today.. 2 Chinooks and a Blackhawk and plethora of support aircraft.. 😉

2018-03-26 14:09:41 UTC  

great day for some monday meming

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@Trumpy Girl that's a fake copy/pasta

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BTW guys this whole Q is a psyop video by AIM making the rounds. Ya i wasted 40 minutes watching that thing beware its just click bait. Those two weirdos from AIM just espousing their opinions the whole time. Never offering proof of anything other than they know Q is fake now because of how many spaces he uses between words. Seriously...

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3rd best day on the stock market ever
McConnell pushes for legal hemp as agricultural product
Seems Cambridge Analytica violated U.S. election laws
FTC launches probe into FB data scandal
Father of Pulse gunman was FBI informant
U.S. expels 60 Russian diplomats, shutters Seattle consulate
FB saves txts and call logs of android users
Twitter moves to ban cyrpto ads
Stormy Daniels doesnt like sharkweek
LVPD announces arrests in string of 10 homicides by ms-13
Antifa protesters get stiffed by Soros, demand payment
Children still missing from Russian fire
Clickbait 'Q is a psyop' vid spreads, no sauce provided
Comey book tour dates announced, kek, we should ask him some questions
Graham subpoenas FBI for info on Clinton investigation
Cybercrime mastermind arrested in Spain
Trump suggests new military funding could build the wall
Kim Jong Un visits China
China opens talks with U.S. amid tariff spat
Trump and JA tweet, give them a read
More suspicious letters and packages received across the nation

2018-03-26 22:27:23 UTC  

is there a link tot he soros not paying antifa news?

2018-03-26 22:39:31 UTC  

JA tweet

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Thanks for the newsblast @Enoch

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Thanks @Enoch

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lmao point in case

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Pooh doesn’t really care about “language” he just wants to show off his abs..

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You think this year is bad with censorship? this is all just a beta test for 2020

2018-03-27 16:44:00 UTC  

Looking for help with another graphic today. A Q-Train graphic. It will be used on social media the same way the Trumptrain is, by that i mean tag a bunch of Qanon followers in the post and all have to follow each other. Thoughts? good or bad idea?

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got one

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Planned Parenthood wants a Disney princess who has an abortion
T.V. show Roseanne returns
California sues over census citizenship question
Retired supreme court justice Stevens calls for repeal of 2nd amendment
Orange County Sheriff's Department to publicize inmate releases to help I.C.E.
William Strampel, Larry Nassar's supervisor, arrested for CSC, storing nude images of students
Trump tweets, give them a read
Like Trumptrain, Q-Train starts chugging along on social media
Strange cloud spotted over Arizona
Zuck declines to testify for MP's
Person arrested in connection to suspicious packages in D.C.
New details emerge from the Maryland high school shooting
Nickelodeon cuts ties with producer Dan Schneider
David Hogg cant get his story strait
Israeli P.M. Netanyahu rushed to hospital

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Love the News Blasts @Enoch 😁

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