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Merry Christmas Friends

2018-12-28 17:34:55 UTC  

@Deleted User thanks for holding down the fort! Couldn’t do it without you. Sorry for my absence!

2018-12-28 17:35:55 UTC  

Glad to do it, @Swedish Chef ! We miss you and look forward to your return. Until then, We MEME for the betterment of this nation and this world. MAGA!!!!

2018-12-30 01:30:34 UTC  

@everyone Just FYI - 8chan is back up and running now. Been a long ass day with no breads to dig into!! Just sayin!!

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Thanks for the heads up 👍

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Cool Thxs

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Right on

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Thanks Gobo

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Thx. 👍 @Deleted User

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Build that wall!

2018-12-30 20:18:08 UTC  

Happy New Years all. Party smart and stay safe. Never too late to make arrangements for your DD and never hurts to have a back up DD. And if your not a drinker grab your rowdier buddies keys from them before they lose their sense of reason . (It’s just easier).
And remember that if you find yourselves in a situation where you think that you HAVE to drive. Most cab companies will take drive you free of charge , and for the ones that say can’t leave your vehicle behind, gotcha covered.

2018-12-30 20:39:25 UTC  

A close friend of mine is a trooper in OSHP . And he said they are really on a mission this year. I know they say that every year. But he said they are mobilizing reserves , cadets, and volunteers this year. They even have groups like the cub scouts and MADD handing out fliers on the DD and click it or ticket campaigns at the quick stops and Walmarts.
At any rate with all the alternatives made available now, there is really no reason to drink and drive anymore. So don’t be a douche, either hand over your keys or put down the booze.
And drive like you are sharing the road with YOUR kids. Have a safe and happy New Years everyone. 🦌🥜

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REALLY great show. Subscribe to Greg Hunter on YouTube if you are not already. So good!