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for that, im going to have to punish you

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no playing cat girl visual novels at college partys

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that picture is wonderful

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and that gif is great

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praise the shitposting chat

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Cloverfield is a blockbuster guys.

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What the actual fuck netflix.

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I was indifferent about musk before

2018-07-10 22:39:16 UTC  

but I'm becoming a big fan

2018-07-10 22:51:57 UTC  

he's literally a time traveller who came back to save the world

2018-07-10 22:51:58 UTC  

i love him

2018-07-10 23:10:36 UTC  

He has my support for spacex alone

2018-07-10 23:10:54 UTC  

tesla i hope the best for but eeeh, he isn't helping that much for their appearance i think.

2018-07-10 23:11:01 UTC  

and all around he is entertaining

2018-07-10 23:11:33 UTC  

i mean, Tesla's models, S, 3, X, and Y are based off a joke "bring sexy back to the car industry".

2018-07-10 23:11:46 UTC  

and there was a model E.... until Ford got pissed

2018-07-10 23:11:56 UTC  

also SpaceX is based off a joke of space sex

2018-07-10 23:12:01 UTC  

it is just funny

2018-07-10 23:13:40 UTC  

that just makes me like him more. he's got humor

2018-07-10 23:14:52 UTC  

Most people when they get to that level of wealth care about how they come across and how they are perceived, Elon Musk seems to be in it for the lulz.

2018-07-10 23:14:57 UTC  

he has his critics, some of them have valid points, but the shit he is doing for space travel? amazing. and i can't help but thing all his companies are simply for the goal of colonizing mars, making money is the byproduct

2018-07-10 23:16:18 UTC  

Theresa May reminds me more and more of Harriet Jones from Doctor Who.

2018-07-10 23:16:38 UTC  

I just had to watch this scene again...

2018-07-10 23:16:52 UTC  

What he did in Australia was pretty good. I think he actually wants to use his wealth to do good. It's just that a lot of his critics want him to do it in the way they want.

2018-07-10 23:17:30 UTC  

Tunneling company: anthill style human settlements, plus the machines shit bricks, literally
Electric cars: Battery tech and something that can run off solar, a known resource available on mars so we have transport
Solar company: solar tech

2018-07-10 23:17:44 UTC  

i don't think good is his aim, its just a by product of his goal of mars

2018-07-10 23:18:13 UTC  

The Doctor might not have liked what Harriet Jones did, I think she had the right idea.

2018-07-10 23:18:35 UTC  

perhaps he wants the survival of the human race, so maybe you can count it as good that way

2018-07-10 23:18:55 UTC  

Tennant doctor best doctor (of the new stuff)

2018-07-10 23:19:38 UTC  

also, "don't you think she looks tired" was part of the downfall of hillary, no? lmao

2018-07-10 23:22:13 UTC  

I think it'd make for a great comment campaign. 😛

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⚠ lower the volume down on this one ⚠