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2018-09-28 11:06:56 UTC  

Can pls ask someone Ben if he is a Siscon?

2018-09-28 11:08:21 UTC  

He said a couple of times that his sister was the one who introduced his wife to him....

2018-09-28 11:48:45 UTC  

The thing to remember with Tim's stance is that, unless you can find the info to say "there is no way she could have been in that area during that time and she knows it", it's hard to prove she is actually lying. However, for him to actually declare she is lying opens him up to slander.

2018-09-28 11:51:45 UTC  

There is also the fact that someone, with a very similar style story may be discouraged if the default response they all see on the news is "clearly women who have blocked out memories are just lying for some kind of gains or revenge". The easiest way for Tim to avoid all these pitfalls is to simply say "whoever assaulted her wasn't Kav, and the Dems clearly have been using this for political gains at her experense"

2018-09-28 11:53:56 UTC  

Declaring her guilty without evidence is no better than declaring Kav guilty without evidence. And unfortunately, the beauty of her allegation is that it is very hard to prove she lied. And if you really want to prove she had ill intent, follow the money. Her attorney is working for free, so follow that go fund me money.

2018-09-28 14:12:25 UTC  

And tim fucks rabbits

2018-09-28 14:12:44 UTC  

See its not Tim’s job to prove he’s not a rabbit rapist

2018-09-28 14:12:57 UTC  

Its my job to show he’s a bunny fucker

2018-09-28 14:13:19 UTC  

If i cant then I should not be belived

2018-09-28 14:18:27 UTC  

but you might not be lying

2018-09-28 14:18:47 UTC  

you may very well have seen him fuck a rabbit.

2018-09-28 14:18:53 UTC  

but didn't take a video or a pitcutr

2018-09-28 14:18:58 UTC  

You are right so we should stop watching tim because of the allegation

2018-09-28 14:19:36 UTC  

Btw I saw you fucking the rabbit too

2018-09-28 14:23:03 UTC  

Grenade is correct

2018-09-28 14:23:23 UTC  

My problem is with tim saying she's honest, she's not. He could just say her claims are not credible.

2018-09-28 14:24:10 UTC  

Because she wasn't proven a liar in her accusations.

2018-09-28 14:24:33 UTC  

Perjury is a crime.

2018-09-28 14:24:43 UTC  

perjury is hard to prove

2018-09-28 14:24:52 UTC  

Innocent until proven guilty is in effect though

2018-09-28 14:25:10 UTC  

are the media and dems treating him like he's innocent?

2018-09-28 14:25:41 UTC  

And so we do to others what we don't want done to us?

2018-09-28 14:26:17 UTC  

It's apparent and provable that the left is playing a political game with the accusation

2018-09-28 14:26:18 UTC  

Die with principles huh?

2018-09-28 14:26:59 UTC  

We can accuse them, but to difinitively state that she is lying on all counts, that nothing ever happened to her

2018-09-28 14:27:22 UTC  

That's Bullshit.

2018-09-28 14:27:23 UTC  

I want the burden of proof to be held above my claims and everyone else’s I dont believe shit unless i have evidence and anyone who does believes without evidence is a twat

2018-09-28 14:27:43 UTC  

Don't need to say she's lying. just that the claims have no credibility

2018-09-28 14:27:52 UTC  

the "claims"

2018-09-28 14:28:02 UTC  

Well why did you rape me

2018-09-28 14:28:08 UTC  


2018-09-28 14:28:09 UTC  

I'm pretty sure Tim's said that much.

2018-09-28 14:28:19 UTC  

Tims saying shes honest = telling truth

2018-09-28 14:28:39 UTC  

About being a victim

2018-09-28 14:28:43 UTC  

Why did all of you run a train on me

2018-09-28 14:28:51 UTC  


2018-09-28 14:28:54 UTC  

I agree, I do think she was a victim

2018-09-28 14:29:06 UTC  

Not enough crying, fati

2018-09-28 14:29:16 UTC  

Do you believe her claims about airplanes?

2018-09-28 14:29:16 UTC  


2018-09-28 14:29:24 UTC  

Is that better