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2018-02-01 04:32:15 UTC  

Wet streets cause rain.

2018-02-01 04:32:24 UTC  

western culture doesn't have shit on china

2018-02-01 04:32:50 UTC  

we don't take them seriously because they are all fucking working their ass off building the most powerful nation on the planet

2018-02-01 04:32:58 UTC  

instead of bickering on social media

2018-02-01 04:33:05 UTC  

'black people' imported without cultural filter build shitholes like Haiti

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2018-02-01 04:33:29 UTC  

the chinese should not be put on a pedestal

2018-02-01 04:33:45 UTC  

Asians make more on average becasue they have a higher average IQ to whites. They conform to western culture in America becasue there aren't enought of them to isolate themsleves to a large extent.

2018-02-01 04:33:53 UTC  

they do not conform

2018-02-01 04:33:53 UTC  

simmer down, montblanc, I'm making a point.

2018-02-01 04:34:15 UTC  

Aussie: Chinatown.

2018-02-01 04:34:16 UTC  

I was targeting ping, not you

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2018-02-01 04:34:42 UTC  

Plenty of major cities have their own isolated asian neighborhoods.

2018-02-01 04:34:49 UTC  

I farted and it was filled with shit

2018-02-01 04:34:56 UTC  

so I went to the bathroom

2018-02-01 04:35:01 UTC  

pulled down my pants

2018-02-01 04:35:10 UTC  

Yes because they have no reason to be like whites.

2018-02-01 04:35:26 UTC  

"aussiearyan" was written in some crude shit font on my boxers

2018-02-01 04:35:28 UTC  

Of course, that'd be a step down, right?

2018-02-01 04:35:31 UTC  

what the fuck

2018-02-01 04:37:14 UTC  

In my opion no becasue western cuture in my opion is better. We do more and can do more. What has China done historically before they stole techology from the west?

2018-02-01 04:38:05 UTC  

invented gunpowder, porcelain, cultivated most of the spices that we use today, plenty of other things, those just come up first in my head.

2018-02-01 04:38:16 UTC  

And copy us to.

2018-02-01 04:38:28 UTC  

And we didn't copy them?

2018-02-01 04:38:44 UTC  

We didn't utilize their gunpowder to blow each other up?

2018-02-01 04:38:54 UTC  

like fucking albino apes?

2018-02-01 04:39:56 UTC  

Most of those were by accident. They haven't made most of the advancements in scince, technology, maths, law, goverment, econmics, philosophy, ect.

2018-02-01 04:40:36 UTC  

Taoism, daoism, buddhism, etc. etc. etc.

2018-02-01 04:40:56 UTC  

also it's spelled 'science'

2018-02-01 04:40:56 UTC  

Can you really compare that to western philosophy?

2018-02-01 04:41:01 UTC  

you should probably make some advancements yourself.

2018-02-01 04:41:16 UTC  

It worked for them.

2018-02-01 04:41:37 UTC  

Also, they've had plenty of awe-inspiring tacticians and generals in Asia. Admiral Yi, for instance.

2018-02-01 04:42:04 UTC  

A damned nobody leading a floatilla undefeated for YEARS.

2018-02-01 04:43:08 UTC  

I do work hard at saving a race who can achive greatness. Not everyone can be a greate scientist, philosopher, ect. A society needs people to do the every day things to.

2018-02-01 04:43:39 UTC  

Are you bargaining for your place with your asian overlords...?

2018-02-01 04:44:02 UTC  

You'll tend the fields for them?

2018-02-01 04:44:19 UTC  

I don't want to be ruled by Asians i want to be ruled by my own people.

2018-02-01 04:45:11 UTC  

Well, if you go to war against everything that isn't white, then there's no way you'll get that privilege.