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2020-03-29 03:48:45 UTC  

Heck, America still *has* concentration camos and they never went away

2020-03-29 03:48:55 UTC  

did the media and WHO call him a racist for issuing a travel ban on china?

2020-03-29 03:49:02 UTC  

@銉嗐偔銈点兂 me? ummm idk

2020-03-29 03:49:05 UTC  

He is obviously racist

2020-03-29 03:49:09 UTC  

now the same media claims he doesn't believe that there is a fucking outbreak

2020-03-29 03:49:12 UTC  

@銉嗐偔銈点兂 pay for it i guess

2020-03-29 03:49:26 UTC  

@銉嗐偔銈点兂 cause otherwise I would starve but okay

2020-03-29 03:49:28 UTC  

@soooooo *cough* so you just agreed with payed Healthcare

2020-03-29 03:49:33 UTC  


2020-03-29 03:49:37 UTC  

Hello Chaim, funny seeing you checking your blocked messages

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2020-03-29 03:50:05 UTC  

Listening to the WHO is fine. Listening to NatSocs is not. Just look what happened last time.

2020-03-29 03:50:09 UTC  

I cant read

2020-03-29 03:50:11 UTC  

you ignore my questions and send me dogshit

2020-03-29 03:50:13 UTC  

fuck off

2020-03-29 03:50:20 UTC  

I never said that I disagreed with paid healthcare, I said that our healthcare system and hospitals are currently overwhelmed, even though we aren't at max cases of COVID-19

2020-03-29 03:50:23 UTC  

@馃ぁChaim Clownworldberg馃實 - then don't ask question, if you can't handle sources.

2020-03-29 03:50:35 UTC  

my source is the dailystormer

2020-03-29 03:50:38 UTC  

Who needs a reform

2020-03-29 03:50:39 UTC  

we are running out of masks, ventilators, and hospital beds

2020-03-29 03:50:52 UTC  

boohoo nigga make some more

2020-03-29 03:50:53 UTC  

The government doesn't care and you elected them

2020-03-29 03:50:56 UTC  

What do you want us to do

2020-03-29 03:50:59 UTC  

I'm just saying that in no way shape or form were we 'prepared' for this outbreak

2020-03-29 03:51:02 UTC  

> my source is the dailystormer
-Hello, based department?

2020-03-29 03:51:07 UTC  

@soooooo - agreed.

2020-03-29 03:51:07 UTC  

based alert

2020-03-29 03:51:13 UTC  

It's mob rule of the thickos

2020-03-29 03:51:15 UTC  

@piggies-go-moo thank you

2020-03-29 03:51:40 UTC  

Eventually, we will have enough supplies, they just take time to ramp up production.

2020-03-29 03:51:48 UTC  

There is already enough supplies

2020-03-29 03:51:48 UTC  

Are u chatting about corona guys?

2020-03-29 03:51:54 UTC  

They're just in the hands of private orginisations

2020-03-29 03:51:56 UTC  

@scarice -no there aren;t.

2020-03-29 03:51:59 UTC  

Yes, there are

2020-03-29 03:52:02 UTC  

yes but considering the amount of time that our government had to prepare we could've done so much better

2020-03-29 03:52:04 UTC  

No, there are not.

2020-03-29 03:52:16 UTC  

NY needs 30,000 ventilators at least.